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Soft fudge help please.

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vivicrocodile Fri 28-Nov-14 19:52:27

I recently bought some fudge, it was lovely and soft and tasted wonderful. How do I make it to be soft but set?

Any recipes or ideas?

Thanks smile

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Wed 03-Dec-14 10:56:50

I was just about to post looking for flavoured fudge recipes! I found this BBC Good Food - I always find their recipes reliable.

SavoyCabbage Wed 03-Dec-14 11:01:28

I use this recipie but I don't put the glucose in because I found it makes no difference.

And I don't make two kinds at once either. I usually do the white chocolate.

You have to follow the cooking times quite strictly. It's delicious!

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