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Herbal Tea Recommendations please!

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CSLewis Tue 25-Nov-14 14:04:45

As above smile. I'm considering giving up normal (Yorkshire wink) tea for a month as part of a new healthy eating regime, and would like recommendations of a nice herbal tea to drink instead, as I hate drinking cold water in winter (am fairly rubbish at it in summer too...).

I HATE chamomile and lemon/honey combos, peppermint disagrees with me, quite like aniseedy ones... Oh, and preferably not at a price that will have me fainting in the supermarket aisle :-)


LetItBeMe Tue 25-Nov-14 17:10:33

I love liquorice tea. It is nothing like black liquorice though. It's sweet naturally. Twinnings do it. sainsbury do their own but it's a bit weak IMO.

I also like cinnamon tea by Pukka. Best left to brew strong then it also becomes sweet.

RumAppleGinger Tue 25-Nov-14 17:26:40

I found one that I love in Real Foods, it's apple and cinnamon and perfect at this time of year as it smells like Christmas.

NotQuiteCockney Tue 25-Nov-14 17:28:54

There are lots of different ones out there that might work for you.

Yoga Tea do a liquorice one that is brilliant. Roibos is lovely, tastes quite a bit like "normal" tea imo. And hibiscus teas are lovely, fruity but with a nice strong flavour - Clipper do a lovely one, unfortunately it is called "detox" tea hmm but it tastes lovely.

CSLewis Wed 26-Nov-14 00:04:07

Thank you all. The liquorice one sounds nice - is it caffeine free? I've tried rooibos, found it a bit odd...

ouryve Wed 26-Nov-14 00:09:16

You'd probably like the Pukka detox - it's got a mostly fennel flavour to it. I used to love the After Dinner, too, but they've discontinued that.

I can't stand teas with a strong liquorice flavour. Far too sickly.

ouryve Wed 26-Nov-14 00:10:50

i find the pukka cinnamon quite repugnant, btw. That whole sickly thing, again.

It might be worth you trying plain fennel, for something cheap.

LetItBeMe Wed 26-Nov-14 11:42:00

yes liquorice is caffeine free. its a shame that you can't buy sample boxes really isn't it.
Twinnings do a mix box but you can't pick flavours you want to try.

CSLewis Mon 01-Dec-14 09:48:44

Well, I went shopping, and bought Twinings Liquorice, Twinings 'Digest' and Pukka 'Detox'.

To my surprise, I didn't really like the Liquorice one - maybe I brewed it for too long but I found it had an odd aftertaste (even tho it wasn't that strong itself).

The Twinings Digest one is pretty good, not very strong, I like all the flavours in it...

But the clear winner for me is the Pukka Detox, which has a wonderful array of very natural flavours, and gets nice and strong without tasting over-brewed. Also the most expensive, obvs confused, so I'll just have to ration myself to one a day. But at least now I can actually LOOK FORWARD to a cup of herbal tea, rather than feel hard-done-by and resentful! So thanks all :-)

LetItBeMe Tue 02-Dec-14 17:06:26

thanks for feeding back. the detox one is nice I agree. lovely cardamom flavour.
I think the Pukka boxes are so pretty!

CSLewis Tue 02-Dec-14 18:59:46

Yes, it is the cardamom flavour that I love smile

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