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Baked Beans - when can I give them:?

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Tillysmummy Fri 05-Apr-02 09:30:45

Hi all

Just wanted to know when I can start giving dd baked beans. Was a bit worried because of the salt content. I know that Heinz do baked beans and bacon but I wanted to make her something myself with baked beans and wondered if it's ok now. She's 7 months. I am also hankering for some exciting new recipes for fish. I have made fish pie, fish with sweet potato and orange (she likes this) but wanted some other suggestions. I make a lot of pasta with her so guess I could put some fish in this ? Also any other recipes that have been a big hit I would be interested in. Thx.

Pupuce Fri 05-Apr-02 09:38:20

Try salmon it is excellent for babies because it is an oily fish. My husband use to make fish nuggets himself (good as finger food but she may be a tad young)
Baked potatoes are easy. Rice with vegetables is also good.
Baked beans IMO is full of salt and sugar so I personnaly would wait untik she is 1. My son only has it at nursery I would rather he didn't have any to be honest.

Enid Fri 05-Apr-02 09:49:09

I gave my dd baked beans from a very early age (about 8 months?). I did worry a bit about the salt content but she didn't eat them every day, just occasionally. I think I tried to give her organic ones at first that didn't have sugar in - but then thought that all the apple juice made them just as sweet tasting so might as well give good old heinz!

I only ever gave her plain beans as I think the meat content of the 'sausages' and 'bacon' that they put in the beans is probably pretty bad quality.

I also used to make dd macaroni (or baby pasta) and cheese with tuna in - also a bit salty but try and buy decent quality tinned tuna. Sigh...she's 2 now and wouldn't touch that old favourite with a barge pole...

Tillysmummy Fri 05-Apr-02 09:59:53

Hi Ladies, thanks for that. I am dying to give dd macaroni cheese but am worried about the cheese. Because of her eczema I've kept her off all dairy - although this seems to have cleared up so maybe I could try some ? Pupuce, I have tried salmon with broccoli, rice, tomato, garlic (she has a passion for garlic!) but she isn't mad on it but I really want her to eat oily fish. I buy a really nice smoked salmon fillet from Sainsburys - do you think she can have smoked fish ? I will keep her off the baked beans for now I think.

Enid Fri 05-Apr-02 10:06:29

I wouldn't give smoked salmon yet, personally. Too much salt.

Could you try plain white fish flaked into tomato sauce with pasta? Delicious, not oily but still fish.

Enid Fri 05-Apr-02 10:07:09

Also be careful with non-organic salmon - its covered with pesticides to keep off the sea lice. Yummy!

Pupuce Fri 05-Apr-02 10:18:37

Garlic is excellent so that's great !
I haven't given smoked salmon but I would have thought it might be quite salty???Have you checked ?
You can "hide" the fish into mashed potatoes.

Zoya Fri 05-Apr-02 10:20:12

You are so right Enid, farmed salmon is mostly foul. And an environmental disaster. There was a very good article in the Guardian about this a while ago, it's at,4273,4113550,00.html. Put me right off eating non-organic salmon, though organic is so expensive that now only the babe gets salmon at all...

Pupuce Fri 05-Apr-02 10:22:50

Wild salmon is even better but both are expensive.
I buy and freeze it.
Lots of fresh veggies is (IMO) better than tomato sauces.
Some nutritionists actually do NOT recommend tomatoes before 1- but I know loads of people (including jars) that either don't know or ignore or don't agree.

susanmt Fri 05-Apr-02 10:37:46

Makes me realise how lucky we are - we (seriously) have a salmon river which runs through our land and although it's not ours we are allowed to fish it - so dh catches all the salmon we eat. And sea trout too. Yet another advantage of living in the Outer Hebrides.

Enid Fri 05-Apr-02 10:38:18

God help us, why tomatoes now? Please don't say allergies or I will scream...

Tillysmummy Fri 05-Apr-02 10:38:39

Yes, I do lots of veg but she doesn't like mashed potato !! She seems to like pasta and rice best so maybe I'll just include it in there. I'll give the smoked fish a miss. Any other suggestions ? Does anyone else's baby have eczema and still eat cheese ?

Tillysmummy Fri 05-Apr-02 10:39:41

My dd loves tomatoes. Is it because of the seeds ? I don't mind buying organic for DD - I always buy organic meat for her. Shame I don't have a salmon river !

Enid Fri 05-Apr-02 10:42:28

I've actually looked it up and yes, its allergies. Fish is also not recommended before 1 either!

I'm glad I wasn't aware of all these things when weaning dd or she would have had a very boring diet indeed.

Sorry, I know some allergies (nuts, seafood) can kill people and that ecxema can be exacerbated by dairy but I do think that we go too far sometimes.

Enid Fri 05-Apr-02 10:45:35

Tillysmummy, can you give goats cheese?

Tillysmummy Fri 05-Apr-02 10:48:47


I agree, it's enough to drive you mad . There never used to be all these allergies and problems. Her eczema is not bad at all at the moment so maybe I will try a little cheese. I could give her Goats but I hate Goats cheese so the thought makes me cringe, although I shouldn't inflict my likes and dislikes on her !! Also its quite a strong taste isn't it ?

Enid Fri 05-Apr-02 11:27:14

I think you can get quite mild tasting goats cheese - alternatively you could introduce some organic mild cheddar and see what happens...

Tillysmummy Fri 05-Apr-02 11:39:41

I think I will Enid. Perhaps a little organic edam - what do you think ?

soothepoo Fri 05-Apr-02 11:44:19

There's an Annabel Karmel recipe for salmon which is a big hit with dd - I'm at work at the mo, but off the top of my head - place a salmon fillet, a bit of onion, tomato, small bayleaf, bit of parsley, knob of butter and a splash of water or stock on a square of tin foil, wrap up and bake in the oven until just done (15 mins at 180 deg C approx). Make a white sauce from 0.5 oz butter, 0.5 pint milk and 1 tablespoon flour, add finely chopped chives. Flake the salmon (discarding all the other bits) into the sauce. Actually, this is GORGEOUS and dh and I eat it regularly as well. I'll look at the recipe when I get home and if it is substantially different I'll post again.

Tillysmummy Fri 05-Apr-02 11:50:10

soothepoo, I have Annabel Karmels book so I'll take a look. It sounds great. Thanks.

Enid Fri 05-Apr-02 11:50:47

I seem to remember I tried edam and red leicester - but my dd preferred the stronger (organic cheddar) cheese that we ate! Also if your dd likes garlic and tomatoes I used to make a tomato pasta sauce and then stir in half of a garlic/cream cheese (boursin). She loved it - in fact, she still does.

Tillysmummy Fri 05-Apr-02 11:57:04

Enid, you're making me hungry !! I will try a little cheese this weekend. I was just worried about her eczema but i guess I can just try it and see.

soothepoo Fri 05-Apr-02 12:17:08

Tillysmummy - I've just reread this thread and see that you are avoiding dairy products - could you make the white sauce with soy milk? I've never used it so I don't know how it would affect the taste. Sorry if I've not been terribly helpful.

Tillysmummy Fri 05-Apr-02 12:20:47

soothepoo I am using hipp organic milk (cows milk for her) so not avoiding dairy altogether . I can just cook the sauce with her milk. I give her butter and she seems ok with it..

Pupuce Fri 05-Apr-02 12:30:16

You can buy fresh goat milk as well.
That's what we use.
DS has a bit of cheese or ice cream at nursery and you can see that he strats having dry patches...

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