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Luxurious -and possibly romantic if I'm lucky :-) - Christmas day food for Two? What would you have?

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Laska42 Thu 20-Nov-14 20:01:56

Turns out that we are now going to be on our own Christmas day..

I dont fancy doing all the usual 'Just for Two' traditional dinner ideas of duck pheasant etc,as everyone is coming to ours Boxing day, so ill do the big dinner then..

However we'd like a little special luxury.. Breakfast is fine.. I'm sure we'll do our usual yomp up to the Downs and take a mince pie and some brandy coffee.. (its our family tradition: you cant have christmas pud unless youve climbed the hill!) ,

(Although as theres no one but us here, we might just stay in bed instead wink wink and have smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and champers....Ummmm!! shock )

I think we'll eat late afternoon /early evening ..

So If it was you , what would you have ?

I'd like it light (as were are having the full works the next day) and it would be nice if it could be a bit of a romantic meal ( even though we are over 50!)

I have thought maybe something like Jamies Venison Carpaccio, or perhaps some seafood or maybe a blue cheese pomegranite and walnut salad, (or all of that! grin)

But then what ? Fish? (will we need a Main?, im not sure?)

And would you have dessert? And isf so, what? ..Clementine and Pomegranite Granita? Chocolate /coffee something? (he likes that, i dont much) , Panna cotta and berries? Almond thins?.. A whole sherry trifle, meant for the next day when the family come, eaten straight out of the dish ?grin

It all would definately would be followed by some nice cheese..

What you have if it was just you two?...

agoodbook Thu 20-Nov-14 20:46:02

Well- here is a thought,
A few years ago we received a gift of a food hamper that was totally made up of smoked foods- not only smoked salmon, but oysters, duck, gravadlax, and all the sauces /dips to go with it. It was amazing.
And amazingly romantic - we laid it all out with breads and toast and fed each other blush .
You could do your own version?
My favourite pudding of all time is creme brûlée ! But I do love panna cotta- with red berries, but try it with home made lemon curd- its lovely
Enjoy whatever !

Laska42 Thu 20-Nov-14 21:16:37

Mmmm,...Yummy idea .. We like smoked things also, what were the sauces/dips? ..

That could be good... I was thinking maybe we'd lay it out like a picnic anyway , ( If we can keep paws off, I say we are alone, the 2 cats will be here, i dont really want them joining in the food area )

Oh, Creme brulee, good idea... I didnt think of that .. thanks )

agoodbook Thu 20-Nov-14 21:52:12

need to rack my brains now... there was a dill mustard, a spiced mayonnaise and a rather nice raspberry and port sort of chutney/jam. They were all in little bottles - we scoffed the lot! All the dips seem to go with all the smoked things if I remember right- its a few years ago, and the evening got a bit hazy if you know what I mean grin

Redtartanshoes Thu 20-Nov-14 22:00:36

Camembert breads pate

Home made meringue with berries and double cream or dulce leche.

Me? I'd go to waitrose/M&S and buy lovely snacky bits cheeses and meat and bread and lots of starter things like satay and just eat the lot

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Thu 20-Nov-14 22:03:18

Watching with interest as we are hopefully doing something similar on the first. Our problem is we like different things! I'd just snack on the migraine diet all day (cheese, booze, chocolate) but DH gets humpy if he feels he's bring asked to miss 'meals'.

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