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Best 'no cook' sheets of packet lasagne?

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magimedi Thu 20-Nov-14 14:54:27

I've been using Lidl no cook lasagne for ages & it's been fine.

But the last lot was not - the actual sheets are much thicker than they used to be & a bit stodgy.

Just wondered if anyone has a recommendation for a better brand & if it comes to it I will cook the ruddy stuff, even though it seems to add ages to the making of it.

dreamingofsun Thu 20-Nov-14 21:05:40

over the years i've used whatever is cheapest - generally sainsburys/waitrose/morrisons own brand or sometimes one of the branded ones they sell. I've never noticed any difference. no-one in my house has complained about one sort rather than another.....and boy do they moan sometimes, not that i take any notice

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