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Slow cooker advice/recommendation please

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Ujjayi Sun 16-Nov-14 20:38:00

I have come across some delicious sounding recipes for slow cookers. I cook from scratch every day & enjoy the process. What really appeals is being able to prep a meal in advance instead of doing so in the after school rush of homework & activities.

However, I'm concerned it will be a one-week wonder (yes, dusty juicer, I'm looking at you confused) & I hate having precious kitchen space taken up by redundant or little used gadgetry.

What model do you have? Are they worth the money? Are the cheaper versions just as good?

Thank you smile

pregnantpause Mon 17-Nov-14 09:07:09

I have had many I am a slow cooker fiend and need at least two in my life at any given time

Russell hobs I would steer clear of. More of a one pot cooker- it's too hot and boils everything even on the low setting.

Morphy Richards I have had the 1.5 ltr and the 6 ltr. The 1.5 ltr is very good, not too hot and cooks evenly, perfect size for a rice pudding/ dessererts/ side dishes. The 6ltr I found good but a little too hot again. It will slow cook, but for instance a lamb shank will be cooked in 6 hours- if you leave another two hours the sauce will boil and stick. I like a slow cooker to cook really slowly and never burn- if I stay out an extra four hours than planned for example.

Asda own is good quality for the price- the low setting is properly low and the warm setting keeps food warm without continuing to cook. This is the one I give as presents- it gives a good slow cook first impression and the large is only about twenty quid.

My favourite , though priciest, slow cooker is my crockpot. It's the family one that Lakeland sell- it's 64quid, but IMO worth every penny. It really cooks things perfectly and has a timer built in which I find so convenient, it's perfect size for a whole chicken, or Turkey / half lamb leg, and it can be put under the grill to brown hot pots and things at the end. Mine is near the end if it's life ( five years being used at least three times a week) and as soon as it goes ( there's a crack that will split it eventually) I am buying a new one.

Ujjayi Mon 17-Nov-14 09:59:11

Lots of great info - thank you smile

Feeling torn between the Asda & Lakeland version (huge fan of Lakeland). The Asda version sounds like a relatively cheap way to trial slowcooking BUT I love batch cooking & the from that POV perhaps I should dive straight in with the larger Lakeland version...

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