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Help me to feed soft foods to 9 yr old fussy eater

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cakedup Sat 15-Nov-14 10:19:56

DS age 9 has knocked his front tooth and dentist has ordered him to eat liquid/soft foods only so as not to dislodge the tooth any further and give it a chance to heal.

Shame then, that DS is a fussy eater who dislikes soup. And sauces. In fact the only soft food he likes is hummous. He is also vegetarian btw.

Yesterday I tried soup - (only a few mouthfuls managed) and mash potato (not a big fan but put up with) mixed with spaghetti hoops. Desserts are not a problem - yoghurts, rice pudding, smoothies etc. I suppose at this stage the priority is that he is not starving, rather than nutrition.

But main problem is when he goes back to school on Monday - what the hell do I feed him? He is normally school dinners but will have to do a pack lunch.

He is not a fan of hot foods served cold as it is, so even trying out some blended dinners/soup won't go down well.

Any ideas???

cakedup Sat 15-Nov-14 10:29:31

Just thinking....would it be weird if I made him a smoothie for pack lunch and snuck in some blended rice?

ChippingInAutumnLover Sat 15-Nov-14 10:49:11

Don't put blended rice in a smoothie. It would be vile and have no nutritional value. Just make a smoothie, give him yoghurt, individual rice pudding, you could even make bite size sandwiches. It's his front tooth, so he just needs stuff he won't bite into, not stuff he doesn't have to chew at all surely? You don't chew with your front teeth.

wingcommandergallic Sat 15-Nov-14 10:52:34

How about a well cooked beef stew? Cook low in oven until the meat is falling apart.
Bolognese or chilli might work too.

cakedup Sat 15-Nov-14 11:07:49

ChippingIn I could put oats instead of rice? I was thinking more of filling him up than nutritional value. The dentist was quite strict with the "no solid food" instruction. Yes it's just his front tooth, but you can't use just your back teeth without moving the front teeth, and the area is inflamed and very tender. He even struggles eating soft food or talking normally.

Thanks wing, he is veggie but doesn't even like veggie versions of stews. He tends to like very plain food, eaten separately although I'm hoping hunger will get the better of him.

wingcommandergallic Sat 15-Nov-14 12:59:03

Sorry, I missed that.
let's hope hunger works!

DoItTooJulia Sat 15-Nov-14 13:08:16

Guacamole? Avocado is a beautiful consistency when ripe, even without been smashed into guacamole!

Oats blend well in smoothies, as does spinach and you could add nut milk?

Gazpacho? Too sauce/soup like?

Mashed sweet potato is nice, you could carrots and swede.

Is he going to be ok at school? My 9 yo wouldn't want to go for fear of it getting accidentally knocked/being in pain.

Fwiw he sounds like my veggie ds, not keen on sauces and soups! Bit of a nightmare!

Artandco Sat 15-Nov-14 13:10:27

Porridge ( can add those powdered seeds/ vitamin things)
Fruit purée pots

That should be fine for a week or so.

cakedup Sat 15-Nov-14 22:54:03

Thanks for your suggestions!

I made him a smoothie today with bananas, fresh mango, almond milk, rice pudding, oats and flaxseed powder which he loved, so that's at least one thing he can have at school.

He was so hungry today that he had some watery rice-lentil dahl that he would normally turn his nose up at!

DoItTooJulia he sooo paranoid about it falling out! He can't do any sports or running around for now. Was thinking about avocado - he likes it chopped up small in things, now sure how he'd handle one mashed up by itself. Will try mashed sweet potato - he never used to like this (now that's fussy!) but it's been a while, I should try it again.

Artandco believe it or not he's not a fan of porridge, but I bought him one of those flavoured pots which he was ok with so will prob do that for breakfast.

agoodbook Sat 15-Nov-14 23:02:39

If he like hummus, how about guacamole
Scrambled eggs
Cheese soufflé ( sounds faffy, but lovely -Delia does a good recipe

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