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Bad Lunch Hostess

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JustAChat4Mum Sat 15-Nov-14 04:00:52

We were invited to lunch on Sunday. It was organised a week prior. We have 3 kids, so does the host, and another couple was invited. Ie. 12 people (6 were kids).

We are in a Paella phase at the moment. We offered to bring a paella, just to provide a dish.

We travelled around town the day before and purchased a large paella pan especially for the lunch. (Just for a fun idea)
It was fantastic. It looked so great. The seafood, the chorizo, the saffron, etc. It took 2 hours to cook.

When we arrived at the Hostess's home. On the table was home made breadsticks (4 of them) 3 home made dips. And 1 small homemade pizza.

I thought it was a lovely starter.

When invited to start lunch. I noticed there was no chairs or organization for the 6 kids that were there. In fact the hostess said that she didn't have room to seat the kids so they could stand. Oh Ok.

The paella was only for approx. 6 people. The small pizza had been eaten as a starter. There was officially no food for anyone who didn't particularly want paella.

Ie the hostess did not provide any food to eat. Not even a salad.

The other couple brought the beers.

Btw, she posted on Instagram - while we were eating- and the foodporn photo looked great. She received lots of. 'Likes'

But the meal wasn't yours Love!

In fact, my (and her) kids did not have any food in their bellies from 12pm (the invited time) till 5pm. (The most opportunistic time to leave)

I am beside myself. Lunch is Lunch.

This couple is notorious for the 'we-thought-we'd-visit-you-5minutes-before-dinner' people! This gets them fed, their 3 kids fed, and their house clean, on a Sunday night already for work/school Monday morning.

I am over this!
Any thoughts? Happy to hear!

rootypig Sat 15-Nov-14 04:14:03

Don't go again?

JustAChat4Mum Sat 15-Nov-14 04:17:07

Totally right!

vitabrits Sat 15-Nov-14 05:33:06

Hmmm yes this sort of scenario is very annoying.

Could it possibly be that they are just light eaters? (It doesn't sound like it though).

Horrible of her to not feed the kids. Were they all getting really ratty?

My worst experience along these lines was years ago, DH and I were invited to dinner for the first time at his brother and SIL's house. We thought how lovely, and asked what they would like us to bring. They suggested dessert and I carefully chose a caramel mudcake.

We arrive at the appointed time and there is no food or meal prep in sight. We stay there for an hour chatting, and still no sign of food. Eventually dh says 'so what are we doing for dinner? '. They suggest take away, so dh and BIL go out and come back with Kentucky. We eat my mud cake, go home. ..... on the way home I ask the question I already know the answer to.....BIL stood back and let dh buy the takeaway!

JustAChat4Mum Sat 15-Nov-14 05:59:31


That's them! Ur BIL is my Bad Host!!! Either that or they're related!

They do that all the time.

It's "I'll pay you later" scenario or I love (in our younger pre -kids years) showing up to a coffee date, not ordering a coffee but asking to. "Taste" (consume rather) the dessert that...wait for it. We will be paying for!!!

Ps: Carmel mud cake!!! Yum!

coppingpandy Mon 17-Nov-14 12:55:54

Someone I know, who is very tight, held a BBQ this summer, and invited lots of people.

We all got sent an email inviting us and then telling us that we had to bring our food, including any sauces and salads that we wanted. Oh, and not to forget to bring drinks too.

Cheeky cow wanted to hold a BBQ at her house but not provide a single thing! This is typical of her. Once she wrote a snotty FB message on a friend's wall because said friend owed her a grand sum of 17p!

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