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New baby - fave quick and healthy food?

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Gen35 Fri 14-Nov-14 11:01:03

My 2nd dc is 5 weeks, adorable and hates been put down. My other lovely dd (4) also wants any spare attention. What are your favourite quick and easy meals with as much veg as possible in them?

agoodbook Fri 14-Nov-14 19:26:46

if you get 10 minutes during the day- put sliced shallots ( or diced onions) quartered tomatoes, chunks of courgettes and garlic to roast in the oven with a reasonable amount of oil ,plus some salt and pepper, for 30-45 minutes until they are all soft and squishy. Then when you get to make food, drain the oil from the veg into a frying pan, add a packet of gnocchi for a couple of minutes until cooked ( about 2 minutes) add the roasted vegetables, toss together, heat through, and add chopped basil if you have it, sprinkle with cheese if wanted. You can freeze the vegetables so I make a lot when I roast them.
How about couscous with fried onions, added sweetcorn and frozen peas - cook the couscous in vegetable stock for more flavour, then you can add cooked meat or chopped hard boiled eggs if wanted

notadoctor Fri 14-Nov-14 19:36:57

Since Velcro baby DS came along my 3yo has had a lot of these kind of meals! My DD loves:

Pasta cooked with green beans/ peas/ asparagus/ tenders them broccoli then tossed on Philadelphia with grated cheese and chopped cherry tomatoes on top.

Hummus and Pitta with carrot, celery and cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes.

Roast veg (similar to PP describes above) in wraps with grated cheese and sour cream.

Stir fry (I buy the ready prepped bags of stir fry veg) with tofu and noodles

YY to couscous and veg - super quick and easy - but quite messy! Also reccomend the Birds Eye steam fresh veg bags

Jessbags001 Fri 14-Nov-14 19:39:50

Omelette - basically anything can go in and takes next to no time!

Another fav is a chicken stew. Bung skinless chicken breasts, a couple of punnets of cherry tomatoes (halved), garlic, and a packet of fresh basil in a casserole dish and leave uncovered in the oven or hob for about 45mins. Just needs a few stirs to stop the top burning. Add a bit of cornflour near the end if too juicy. Have with pasta/rice/potatoes and veggies.

Any soup. Make extra and freeze for another day.

mrspremise Fri 14-Nov-14 19:58:55

Put cherry tomatoes in one side of an oven dish and green beans in the other side. Lay salmon fillets down the middle, dot with lumps of butter and bake the whole shebang for half an hour.

Gen35 Fri 14-Nov-14 22:04:38

Thanks, these are great and should help me through!

amy83firsttimer Fri 14-Nov-14 22:12:03

Prepare tray of roast veg and about 15 mins before end of cooking time add cherry tomatoes or a small thing of passata and cube a block of halloumi and lay on top. Extra drizzle of olive oil and the cheese will go golden.

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