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Please tell me how to make a proper cup of tea!

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RafaellaNhaKyria Fri 14-Nov-14 04:11:02

Having been raised by coffee drinkers, my exposure to brewing tea has been to plop a bag of chamomile in a mug and pour boiling water over.

It's freezing cold, I've got raging PMT and life feels shit in general right now and I think I need what you lot always offer in this situation: a cuppa. But I just know I'm going to make a crap cuppa, because...everything is shit right now anyway! I don't live in the UK but I did find a box of PG tips pyramid bags, so maybe that's a decent start?

SavoyCabbage Fri 14-Nov-14 04:18:57

So you have a pot you can use as a teapot? Coffee pot, milk jug?

Choose a good cup. Bone china if you have it.

Boil kettle and if you are using a pot pour some in, swill it around and chuck it down the sink.

Use two of those bags at least for a pot and one for a cup.

Put the water on and wait about a minute. Pour into cup if you are using a pot. Chuck bag away if just using a cup.

Add any extras now. Milk or sugar if you want and that's it.

SavoyCabbage Fri 14-Nov-14 04:20:50

If you live in Australia you can get Yorkshire Tea now in the supermarkets for next time.

ZingOfSeven Fri 14-Nov-14 05:00:06

google Doc Brown Proper Tea on Russell Howard's Good News.


RafaellaNhaKyria Fri 14-Nov-14 05:24:34

Thanks Savoy, for some reason I thought it was going to be more involved than that. From hearing people talk there seem to be so many ways to muck it up.

I do actually have a teapot, believe it or not. It's never been used, though. I live in rural's amazing PG tips turned up in our local shop at all! It was idiotically expensive compared to all the other tea there i.e Lipton and Tetley.

I must say I made a cup a little while ago and I was astounded at the way the bag nearly exploded when the water touched it. I've never seen a tea bag turn into a massive ball!

RafaellaNhaKyria Fri 14-Nov-14 05:25:20

Zing, I'm off to find Doc's instructions as well grin

SavoyCabbage Fri 14-Nov-14 05:27:08

Use your pot for sure as you can top your cup up if it's not strong enough.

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