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Make ahead blinis help please

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WienerDiva Thu 13-Nov-14 22:13:39

How far in advance can I do the cream cheese and smoked salmon blinis things? Only asking because I don't want to be faffing about when I could be getting pissed floating around the room and making intelligent and delightful conversations wink

HuevosRancheros Fri 14-Nov-14 18:29:22

No one's answered you sad so I will, but hopefully someone will disagree with what I say...... because I think it needs to be quite last minute.
I've only ever had the shop bought blinis, but straight from the packet they're rubbery and pretty vile. They need to be warm imo. Hence pre-assembling won't work. If I ever do them they are definitely a last minute thing.

But how about another base instead of a blini? Crostini? If they're crisp enough they could be pre-assembled

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