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Anyone tried freezing pasta dishes for packed lunches?

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secretsquirrels Sun 09-Nov-14 10:26:23

DS(16) takes packed lunch some days and others he often buys those pots of cold pasta in sauce at college.
If he was at home he would cook himself a pasta lunch. I wondered whether anyone has tried freezing something like this?
I was thinking of an arrabiata type sauce with pasta and no meat, frozen in single portion tubs. Then he could just grab one from the freezer the night before and eat it cold for lunch.
Would this work? I've frozen lasagne before but that always gets re-heated.

nottheparrot Sun 09-Nov-14 20:42:15

Yes, we do it all the time! M & S Fiorelli is good - we put eg small bits of broccoli, peas in as well. Add a little olive oil on the top of the frozen pasta when you take it out in the morning, and stir it in before eating a few hours later.

nottheparrot Sun 09-Nov-14 20:46:31

Should have said - cook the veg first before adding - easy if you're doing batch cooking.

secretsquirrels Mon 10-Nov-14 16:40:44

Thanks not I've made some today. Just made a couple of (teenage boy size) portions to see whether he likes it. Will do a big batch and freeze next time.
The olive oil is a good idea.

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