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Recipe help needed

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JustSayNoNoNo Sat 08-Nov-14 23:20:38

Just need some inspiration. I have to shift a stone and a half, while cutting down salt (and caffeine and alcohol as well sad). I cook a lot using fresh or frozen ingredients. I thought I already ate reasonably healthily but my body disagrees.

Anyway, I need some tips.

Should I switch to brown rice and wholemeal pasta?
What ticks the low fat box but also low sugar?
Is there a handy guide online anywhere showing salt and sugar (and carb?) content of common foodstuffs?

I don't eat takeaways, crisps, fizzy drinks, so there's not a lot I can cut out -apart from cheese--. Help!

sashh Sun 09-Nov-14 06:58:52

I had this problem, packets have labels but fruit and meat don't. I got some scales where you weigh your ingredients, enter a code and it gives you the value of fat, calories and ......... I forget what the others are.

They were not that expensive, £20 I think - let me do a quick google

JustSayNoNoNo Sun 09-Nov-14 20:16:06

Thanks, I'll look into those!

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