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edable art in cake supplies shop - beware

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kissafrog Fri 07-Nov-14 11:29:18

I went to a specialist cake supply shop in Putney (i am being kind not to mention their name) thinking they must be better quality and I asked the sales person to recommend some shimmer or sparkle for my cake this lady recommended edable art. She knows full well I am making the frozen cake for a seven year old because I also bought the number 7 candle. I told her I don't know much about baking and in the end I bought a whole load of stuff. When I was making the cake my other daughter read out the tiny print and it said not to be consumed. How is that possible that a cake specialist shop sells cake decorations that is not edible. We googled online and of course found out that edable art is being fined for £18k by trading standard and that the glitter is made of plastic? I am so annoyed because in the end we could not use the two jars we bought from the shop and we had nothing to decorate the cake. These shops obviously knew what they were doing. How can they knowingly sold things that are not edible. In my case the sales person actually recommended it and not tell me that it is not edible. How are you going to put something that is NOT TO BE CONSUMED on a cake for kids? And shouldn't the shop warn people that this is the case so we make an informed judgement that apparently you are supposed to use it for cards. I think what annoys me most is that the shop knows the product is "dubious" but nonetheless try to sell it off. When I rang the shop the person who answered the phone said oh there are signs there in the shop. Anyway this will be the last time I bought from this shop. You lose all credibility in one go.
They could easily have put a sign to say these are great for decorating halloween but DO NOT USE ON CAKES THAT WILL BE EATEN but brilliant for cards and they probably will sell but now I feel cheated especially when there are other ones. In fact I did ask another line but I was told that one I had to use a brush so I was persuaded to buy this line. So mums be warned ask the right question even if you are in a shop selling cake ingredients it does not mean they are edible. And I am surprised edable art gets away with the name when it is not edible.

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