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Light desserts - inspiration needed

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AGnu Thu 06-Nov-14 13:31:16

PILs coming at the weekend & I've already served all appropriate desserts to them in the past & it'd be considered somewhat of a faux pas to serve the same meal multiple times. MIL keeps a notebook of meals served to guests so she never repeats them! I'm doing a creamy chicken stew in the slow cooker hoping it'll work that way which is very rich so DH has suggested that we should have a non-creamy dessert.

I'm determined to do something different & interesting purely because they suggested taking us out for a meal if it was too much hassle to cook. I resent the suggestion that I can't cope it'll be a struggle but that's not the point. MIL would've been hosting dinner parties & baking on a weekly basis at this stage in their lives, I refuse to admit I don't live up to their standards. blush

Allalonenow Thu 06-Nov-14 13:49:08

Tarte au citron from M&S, serve it with a scatter of blueberries or a poached fig or two, and a blob of mascarpone with some icing sugar and a drop of vanilla essence beatn into it.

Or cold whole pears poached in red wine served on a pool of cold (bought posh) vanilla custard.

agoodbook Thu 06-Nov-14 22:30:33

well, I know its creamy, but panna cotta with a side of home made red berry compote/ lemon curd . below is a fabulous foolproof recipe, and you can make it the day before

or how about this - been eyeing it up, but not made it yet....

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