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what do you bulk cook and freeze?

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BauerTime Wed 05-Nov-14 10:55:51

I generally bulk cook bolognaise, chilli and a veggie pasta sauce about every six weeks, for quick dinners on work nights. Been doing this for a few years and DH and I are now getting a bit fed up with bolognaise, chilli and veggie pasta sauce!

Im looking for some inspiration for other things to bulk cook and freeze. Im thinking of doing the meat filling for shepards pie, possibly some tarka dhal (anyone know if this freezes well?) and want to do something with chicken too.

Any suggestions welcome! (apart from soup grin)

adiposegirl Wed 05-Nov-14 14:35:33

lasagna, meatballs, Quiche, beef , chicken, lamb stews, heck, i even freeze cooked rice and mashed potatoes, Sheppard/cottage pie, beans and pulses. theres not really much that cant be frozen

Celticlass2 Wed 05-Nov-14 14:41:40

Yesterday, I bulk cooked meat chill, Quorn chill, lentil and vegetable soup, and puy lentil and squash cottage pie.
DH cooks a mean fish pie ever month or so, and makes four extra portions to freeze.
I have a chicken and pearl barley casserole in the slow cooker at the moment. There's about five portions, so will portion up leftovers for the freezer.

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