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Fillings for frozen sandwiches

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lighteningmcmama Wed 05-Nov-14 06:57:16


What fillings work best for frozen sandwiches? We don't eat ham or processed meat.

For tuna can I add mayo to it?

Can I add cucumber?


golemmings Wed 05-Nov-14 07:01:24

mum used to do this 25 years ago. I know from experience that lettuce doesn't freeze. Cheese works well and pate. Also pickle but I can't remember about tomato or cucumber.
Quiche also freezes well. And mini pizzas.

TanteRose Wed 05-Nov-14 07:03:38

egg mayo


roast beef

yes to mayo

no to cucumber/lettuce/tomatoes


siblingrevelryagain Wed 05-Nov-14 07:14:25

Def no to any salad ingredients

Peanut butter
Cold chicken

lighteningmcmama Thu 06-Nov-14 19:19:11

Thanks all. Is there a way if putting cucumber or tomatoes in the sandwiches in the morning? Maybe if i defrost overnight first?

DustBunnyFarmer Thu 06-Nov-14 19:24:58

I know someone who likes salad in her sarnies but not soggy bread. She takes a small tupperware box of salad to work with her sarnie and adds it just before eating.

lighteningmcmama Fri 07-Nov-14 12:10:21

I don't think I could convince ds to do that, he will only eat the cucumbers or tomatoes in his sandwich if sliced thinly so he doesn't notice it! Actually I was thinking of it as hidden veg but we slice it so thinly it probably won't make much of a difference to his diet if we just cut it out!


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