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Trifle ideas

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LeonardoAcropolis Tue 04-Nov-14 14:49:57

Hello, I've bought myself a smart trifle bowl, purely because I liked it .

I do love a trifle, but would welcome some ideas and inspiration from mnetters.

What's your favourite? doesn't have to be a trifle, any dessert that can be. presented in a trifle bowl will do.

ShakeYourTailFeathers Tue 04-Nov-14 15:41:49

Delia's traditional sherry trifle is my favourite.

lk26 Tue 04-Nov-14 15:45:21

I did a baileys trifle one Xmas. Was to die for. No jelly and lots of alcohol for me.
I always think the sliced up Swiss roll looks nice in those fancy trifle dishes.
Saw today they had them 1/3 off in sainsburys.
Oh just remembered what about Black Forest gateaux style trifle. Heaven

ShakeYourTailFeathers Tue 04-Nov-14 15:47:28

i'm off to google bailey's trifle grin

lk26 Tue 04-Nov-14 16:08:50

And please can we stop the food talk ! If it's not trifle it's a thread on Xmas lattes or eating peanut butter.
Just stop. I am on a cabbage soup diet for a week and it's not helping wink

Do my port and raspberry one - will give recipe if you want it.

MissBlennerhasset Tue 04-Nov-14 18:28:29

I'd like the port and raspberry recipe please smile

Stopanuary Tue 04-Nov-14 18:34:59

As an alternative to plain cream on the top, we now favour an eton mess concoction of meringue, fresh fruit and cream.

Allalonenow Tue 04-Nov-14 18:36:41

Ooohh i agree, a Black Forest trifle would look great in a large bowl, chocolate cherries and cream, delicious!!
Or how about an Italian trifle, peaches and custard or cream, no jelly.
Or a fruit jelly made with sparkling wine.

Catsmamma Tue 04-Nov-14 18:44:21

i never put jelly into a trifle, it's an ABOMINATION!

i keep meaning to do a Black Forest one, with chocolate custard too!!

Mostly I go almond and fingers or lovely cake, rasps, amaretti biscuits, rasp jam, more amaretti, custard, lots and lots of cream and chocolate shavings on top I like sherry and amaretto sloshed geneorous over the sponge base.

I really fancy a lemon one too....lemon drizzle sponge in the bottom drowned in limoncello, gorgeous lemony custard, maybe some crushed meringues, def homemade lemon curd...lashings of cream!

i love trifle. I really do.

Catsmamma Tue 04-Nov-14 18:45:24


....the thought of trifle has upset my spelling!

Port and raspberry

I use either a big raspberry swiss roll, or Madeira cake, or the posh trifle sponges the name of which I have forgotten, rather than the cheap sugary stick ones.

So - layer some cake in the bottom and around the sides of your beautiful dish.
Sprinkle or liberally throw port all over it.
Shove in a load of raspberries, and drizzle/slosh/pour more port over.
Make a top layer of cake and annoint/splash/bathe with further port.
Pour custard all over that (I use the posh ready made stuff with bits of vanilla in).
Leave for a few hours or more.
Whip cream then spread all over top.
Put toasted flaked almonds on top of that.
You can make a port syrup from a reduction of port and sugar and drizzle that over too, but I generally don't bother unless feeling particularly ponced up/flush with port.
Devour - ideally alone, with a spade.

DorisIsALittleBitPartial Tue 04-Nov-14 19:41:13

Mix fresh custard with a tub of mascarpone, tastes amazing.

ShakeYourTailFeathers Tue 04-Nov-14 20:18:15

<polishes spade>

thanks Remus

I have a pic of DH with the trifle bowl and a giant spoon from last xmas grin

Damntheclockchange Tue 04-Nov-14 20:42:52

Banoffee trifle? I had a yummy recipe once but unfortunately I can't remember where it was from sad

sinkestatecar Tue 04-Nov-14 20:48:34

Ive made this before and it's INCREDIBLE

LeonardoAcropolis Wed 05-Nov-14 07:30:59

wow! thank you for your ideas, I do like the sound of the Black Forest trifle and Remus' s trifle.

Damntheclockchange, Delia Smith did a banoffee trifle, recipe is probably online.

ppeatfruit Wed 05-Nov-14 10:32:26

You could make a tiramisu trifle using chocolate instead of coffee or mocha it looks lovely in a pretty bowl.

MissBlennerhasset Wed 05-Nov-14 13:44:08

Thanks Remus! Sounds gorgeous.

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