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Anyone home brewing this year?

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CatKisser Thu 30-Oct-14 17:02:00

I've been a bit useless and haven't got any plum gin or vodka on the go this year. sad
However, I'm currently sterilising my faithful demijohn and am going to set a 7 day kit away tomorrow. I know this is cheating but my attempts with real fruit last year were utterly dreadful. in fact I may have just spent 20 minutes cleaning out last year's dregs from the demijohn

Anyone else making anything this year?

T0R1 Fri 31-Oct-14 00:09:35

I bought my husband a beer kit as we have a demijohn that hasn't been used since a very unsuccessful attempt at elderflower champagne. I also bought him a 2 hour Groupon beer making course thingy at a Beer brewing shop in Edinburgh. Unfortunately he got a sudden deployment so no home-brew in this house for a bit - NOT FOR LACK OF TRYING to get someone else to do it

DraaaamaghAlpacaaaagh Fri 31-Oct-14 00:25:03

DH has been busy brewing. He's got into it really seriously this year & goes as far as buying the hops & grinds his own grain. He wanted to grow the hops, but the climate isn't right where we are. He's got a tiny set of scales so he can weigh minute amounts of the various ingredients, and has a massive boiler thing for the water. As you can see, I have no idea of the technical terms grin

I am having to put up with beer being brewed in my kitchen and utility room, bottled in my bath, and matured in my airing cupboard. He is very lucky he has such a tolerant wife. Thank goodness he's built a little beer store outside with a padlock so the teens can't help themselves otherwise the bottles would be taking over the house. He's got lots of ales on the go, and they are worth waiting for as they are surprisingly good.

BorisIsABitOfAGargoyle Fri 31-Oct-14 00:31:11

I've got 2.5 litres of marrow rum fermenting. Missed out on the sloes for gin and cherries for brandy though.

CatKisser Fri 31-Oct-14 07:51:13

Wow - that's doing it properly, Draaaaaamagh I hope it turns out nicely.
Boris MARROW RUM?? Wow! Never hear of it and can't even imagine how it'd taste. Have you made it before?
Tor I think you should have a go yourself - go on, we can compare notes! grin
We had absolutely no sloes round here this year - no clue why.

scurryfunge Fri 31-Oct-14 07:57:11

I've made some cherry brandy this year so hoping that will taste ok.

BorisIsABitOfAGargoyle Fri 31-Oct-14 23:16:51

No Cat, I've never made it before - have to wait a year till it's ready though so will report back next Christmas! Tasted some of the syrup before putting the yeast in and that was very very nice.

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