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Anyone else feed a marathon running coeliac and a toddler?

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Daisybell1 Tue 28-Oct-14 17:00:36

DP is on the verge of being diagnosed. Just waiting for blood test to come back but Dr is pretty sure.

DP has a very active lifestyle and needs a lot of food/carb through work and training. I work long hours (out of the house for 10 hrs a day) so my cooking from scratch time is limited and we have a toddler who eats with us.

Does anyone have any family friendly gf meal recommendations? I've been given a link to the Helmsley blog where there are a lot of recipes but seem to be reducing the carbs whereas I need to put them in.

Any other ideas/links would be very gratefully received!

Thank you!

Looseleaf Sat 01-Nov-14 16:48:21

Sorry you haven't had replies! We aren't far off as I have high energy needs and always starving and have coeliac and a 3 year old!!

Today we have had chicken korma and salad and plum crumble (made with gluten free oats and ground almonds instead of flour) with ice cream.
For dinner later I've made fish pie which works well just by baking the fish in milk then adding mash (I put peas and butter in the mash and mature cheddar on top).

We eat dahl a lot as I find lentils filling and DS and I love cheese on top (not v traditional I know).

Baked potatoes with favourite toppings

Spanish tortilla

Stews (no flour). Made an Irish stew last week from the bbc Good food website which was a fantastic recipe.

A big bolognaise (I hide spinach in it as our eldest wont eat greens) with corn pasta. Bear in mind some coeliacs including me are sensitive to corn too so I don't eat even GF pasta

I also keep a supply of frozen meals made by Cook for emergencies/ when I need them as they seem like home cooking just made by someone else and have a gluten free section.

We often snack on gluten free oatcakes (the Nairn cheese ones are great too).

I'm trying to improve our veg intake too by making them more interesting- yesterday I fried onion then added loads of peas in stock and simmered for a while, was popular...

Looseleaf Sat 01-Nov-14 16:50:26

(Breakfast is my biggest challenge as I'm bored of gluten free porridge and muesli and boiled eggs.)

Daisybell1 Sun 16-Nov-14 11:27:21

Apologies for not replying before, this dropped off my threads.

Thank you for these ideas, they're great. Hopefully we won't have a problem with GF pasta smile

The Dahl sounds amazing, just what dd would love

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