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Ham/ gammon. First hot, then cold. What do you serve it with?

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Redbat Tue 28-Oct-14 10:58:10

I'm thinking I'll cook a gammon to serve two meals. I'm going to simmer it in cider until it's cooked and then roast it in a glaze of with a mixture of honey and dark muscovado sugar.

I'm thinking I'll servie it hot with dauphinois potatoes and then cold with jackets, salad and coleslaw.

How do you serve ham/ gammon - both hot and cold?

TakesTwoToTango Tue 28-Oct-14 11:04:28

Hot: with leeks in white sauce (made with flour not corn flour - yummy and much easier than you think!) and potatoes.

Or in fresh baguettes - those pre-baked ones you just bung in the oven for a few mins, and apple sauce.

Redbat Wed 29-Oct-14 09:40:04

Thank you!

Hot with leeks in a creamy sauce sounds like a great idea!

Dancingyogi Wed 29-Oct-14 11:05:30

Hot - with very fresh home made bread. Did this for a french family who recently stayed and they went completely crazy for it.
Cold nibbled bits from the fridge, a ploughmans type thing or a hash.

7to25 Wed 29-Oct-14 11:07:50

Can I suggest putting it in cold water then bringing it to the boil! when it is boiling then replace the water with cider. This lessens the saltiness of the ham/gammon

Titsalinabumsquash Wed 29-Oct-14 11:08:47

Hot - cauliflower/broccoli cheese, roasties and stemmed garlicky greens/beans.

Or If feeling lazy - sliced with fried eggs and wedges/chips and beans grin

Cold - with a huge salad with a small jacket then a selection of bread, cheese, pickles etc. (we have this for our Boxing Day buffet and it's amazing)

I also like to hack it up and serve it in a pie with leeks/sweetcorn/peas and any other veg in a white white sauce and puff pastry lid. smile

MehsMum Wed 29-Oct-14 11:12:38

Cold: with potato salad, green salad and pickled peaches.
Hot: with eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and sautéed spuds. And pickled peaches.

Gammon isn't gammon without pickled peaches. The sharp sweet flavour cuts right through the saltiness.

Titsalinabumsquash Wed 29-Oct-14 11:18:38

I'm now craving gammon confused

CatKisser Wed 29-Oct-14 11:20:52

Oh God I want gammon too. I am craving cold gammon, coleslaw, egg mayonnaise and jacket spud.

Cumberlover76 Wed 29-Oct-14 11:29:05

Hot or cold with home made chips and home made slaw

Slaw - use a potato peeler/ribbon thingy and after removing the outside peel, peel ribbons of celariac and carrot and thinly slice red cabbage and red onion.

Toast some seeds (if you dry toast them in a pan then add a couple of drops of soy sauce when done they are delish and savoury) and add to the shredded veg, i also add chopped walnuts as i love the crunch.

make a dressing with a mix of mayo, plain yoghurt, dijon mustard, lemon juice and black pepper - amounts varied to taste.

Mix up, yummy!

GertrudePerkins Wed 29-Oct-14 11:30:46

hot with jacket potatoes, coleslaw and as many pickles as I can find

cold with egg and chips

leftovers into chicken and ham pie

ItsGotBellsOn Wed 29-Oct-14 11:31:39

Hot with roasted root veg (red skinned potato wedges, parsnip, carrots, red onions - all coated in olive oil, herbs and a drizzle of honey) and braised red cabbage OR with colcannon (mmmmm).

Cold with chutney, pickles and good, crusty bread.

Or reheated slices with egg and chips or home fries.

SDTGisASpookyWoooolefGenius Wed 29-Oct-14 11:33:17

Hot with boiled potatoes, peas and parsley sauce.

Cold with coleslaw and baked potatoes - in fact, that is what we are having on Boxing day - I boil and glaze the gammon on Christmas Eve, then Boxing Day's dinner is easy to make, and we have the leftover gammon to use in sandwiches. Last year I glazed it with mustard, brown sugar and spiced ginger preserve - delicious!

tywysogesgymraeg Wed 29-Oct-14 12:34:27

Hot with a chees sauce and some kind of green vegetable.
Cold, with chips
Or made into a chili or curry.

firesidechat Thu 30-Oct-14 17:00:18

Hot - new potatoes, veg and parsley sauce.

Cold - egg and chips, with chutney.

aoife24 Thu 30-Oct-14 22:07:43

Hot with cabbage, tatties and mustard sauce.

avocadotoast Sat 01-Nov-14 09:27:11

Hot, with potatoes, veg and gravy.

Cold, with chips and beans, or egg and chips, or... Just chips grin

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