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HELP!!! Toddler recipes desperately required...

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Emmiedarling Mon 27-Oct-14 13:39:53

My 2 year old son is a nightmare to feed and currently lives off scrambled egg and toast soldiers for one meal and fish cake for the other. Occasionally I can get some pasta down but he will not look at a potato (sweet or otherwise)

I would be so so grateful for recipes...(easy and quick!)

I should mention he is a pescetarian - what are you giving your little ones?

Thanks in advance smile

katandkits Mon 27-Oct-14 13:44:54

Risotto, omelettes, pasta tuna salad, hummus and pitta, pasta with roasted courgettes and peppers with a bit of red pesto, deconstructed fajitas (he loves guacamole), beans on toast, cheese and tomato salad, macaroni chese, that sort of thing. I don't tend to make special food for him, it is usually stuff we eat anyway

mrspremise Mon 27-Oct-14 16:18:05

What about vegetable enchiladas or burritos? Tortillas might work if he's not keen on 'heavy' carbs, iyswim? I make a tuna lasagne too, which goes down very well with my DC wink

agoodbook Thu 30-Oct-14 15:46:01

How about these? DGS adores them - ( though he does eat everything luckilysmile ) got this off MN!
Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes
Peanut butter and banana sandwiches ( friends DGD is allergic to lots but loves these)
bananas and custard?

Iggly Thu 30-Oct-14 15:49:24

Why is he a pescetarian?

I would make some tomato sauce to add to pasta e.g. tomatoes, garlic, courgettes and cook down for two hours, whizz up and freeze for when you need.

Stuff you eat too - just keep trying. Maybe keep it in compartments so he can see the different bits of food. And no fuss when he doesn't eat something.

Emmiedarling Sat 01-Nov-14 21:19:20

Thank you so much for the suggestions thus far! Iggly he is pescetarian as that is how I eat so there is no meat at home.

I will definitely try the recipes suggested smile

agoodbook Sun 02-Nov-14 14:50:22

also, though you may be doing this - but eat with him if possible - our DD did blw with DGS and it worked a treat , ( if a bit messy to start!) -but it could be worth trying if you haven't already. Just lay things on a plate for him - everything you eat, and let him eat it or not without any fuss, relax and take the stress out of meal times- hope it helps smile

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