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chicken tikka

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nikcola Sun 11-Apr-04 18:58:25

i need recipies for chicken tikka and tandori chicken if anyone has then please i cook a lot of asian food but dp,s friends are comin tomorow and he wants me to make them that thanks love u allxxxx

mummytojames Sun 11-Apr-04 19:05:32

heres a web site with full inggredeants and instructions

motherinferior Sun 11-Apr-04 19:20:13

I suggest you pass the recipe on to him!

mummytojames Sun 11-Apr-04 19:21:45

whys that i have never made it before so i just done a quick search for here so i wouldnt have a clue what went into it

bobs Sun 11-Apr-04 23:18:09

Sainsbury's does a great Chicken Tikka Masala in the chilled section! The hot one is better

SueW Sun 11-Apr-04 23:44:14

Asda's own brand tandoori spice blend powder is good if a little highly coloured. Mix with yohurt and juice of half a lemon, mix in chicken pieces and leave to marinate, then grill the chicken pieces.

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