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my icing trauma

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puddle Thu 28-Sep-06 22:09:21

I am great now at making cakes.

Rubbish at icing.

My fairy cakes always have watery icing that doesn't set.

My butter icing is so sickly my kids scrape it off.

I am making a birthday cake for dd tomorrow and would love to ice it really well. I have some lovely flower decorations to put on it and a fairy. Can anyone help me?

SoupDragon Thu 28-Sep-06 22:11:24

put less icing sugar in the butter icing?? I don't use measurements when making it, I start with butter in a food processor and add icing sugar til it tastes nice

Failing that, supermarkets have ready rolled fondant icing and you can get blocks of fondant icing too.

MeAndMyBoy Thu 28-Sep-06 22:12:36

To tone down your butter cream add a few dashes of lemon juice - it will take the sicklyness away to a certain extent.

hairymclary Thu 28-Sep-06 22:15:28

the ready rolled fondant icing is great. It'll give you a really nice smooth surface to put your other decorations on

as for general icing-ness. glace icing needs LOTS of icing sugar and hardly any water. Keep it nice and thick.

Bellie Thu 28-Sep-06 22:16:43

I add a couple of drops of vanilla essence to butter icing to take away the 'sweetness' of it.

foxtrot Thu 28-Sep-06 22:25:31

I tried scotchblock milk chocolate flavour icing (from Tesco) today, you melt it in the microwave then pour it over the cake. It sets really quickly and it's quite smooth and glossy (the ingredients are a bit yuk, veg oil, sugar etc but it was very easy and looked pretty good. There is a white chocolate version which would look pretty with your flowers & fairy.

cakedecorator Mon 03-Aug-09 22:26:06

I always make buttercream by starting with one pack of butter (real butter - not margerine, something like Kerrygold, Countrylife etc), then Double the amount of icing sugar - so if you use 250g of butter, add 500g of icing sugar. Add a bit of boiled cooled water from the kettle, and beat for about 10 minutes or so, the longer you beat if for the whiter it goes - if you're trying to beat it by hand, soften the butter first.

you can add a couple of drops of vanilla essence at the end, and that will give it a nice creamy rich flavour without the overpowering sweetness.

This is the recipe I use for my cake decorating.

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