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quick and easy snack for a man.

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firstman Tue 06-Apr-04 20:32:35

Don't take a minute and goes down well.

On a bowl of dry cornflakes pour two lightly boiled eggs, sprinkle with salt and a liberal helping of OK sauce. Very yummy.

PORK Tue 06-Apr-04 20:33:53

I feel sick...

emmatmg Tue 06-Apr-04 20:34:12

Sorry but that sounds disgusting!

spacemonkey Tue 06-Apr-04 20:35:35


Beccarollover Tue 06-Apr-04 20:36:11


popsycal Tue 06-Apr-04 20:37:45


firstman Tue 06-Apr-04 20:37:49

Don't knock it until you've tried it.

lou33 Tue 06-Apr-04 20:48:52

can i have the eggs minus everything else?

emmatmg Tue 06-Apr-04 21:01:07

I've got a better one.....................

Toast and lots of it!

Paula71 Wed 07-Apr-04 23:13:55

Equally disgusting is DH's nuke cheese toasty.

Place sliced cheddar between two slices of white bread, stick on microwave plate and "nuke" for 1 minute. I swear to god it is the closest thing to eating plastic. Yeauch!

Men, when will they understand that chocolate is the only snack worth having!

KatieMac Wed 07-Apr-04 23:28:43

My Dh has
Raw Egg
Nourishment (a bodybuilding drink)
Mashed banana

all wizzed up together and drunk over 2 days
He SAYS it gives him stamina (I'm not complaining)

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