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I've made an impulse purchase.. I regret it already.. Help!

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PinkAndBlueBedtimeBears Tue 19-Aug-14 10:51:31

What do I do with this?!
Saw it in Tesco and thought it was reasonably priced, but now I'm at a loss!
Ideally want at least a meal for dp and myself, and a few portions for 18mo dd.. But ideally more.. Ideas??

shinysparklythings Tue 19-Aug-14 10:58:24

Have you got a slow cooker? If yes chuck it in with water and a few peppercorns and cook for 6 hours. (If not you can boil in a pan of water for about 2 hours. It should then be lovely fall apart ham that you can so anything you want with! Nice jacket potato and coleslaw?

I don't have dc's yet so not sure but you might want to watch the salt level in this!!!

PeterParkerSays Tue 19-Aug-14 11:02:00

it will be fab. Use the pan of water method then you can also use that water to make soup - look up pea and ham soup for recipes.

Try this recipe if you're stuck. It will taste lovely.

PinkAndBlueBedtimeBears Tue 19-Aug-14 11:02:08

Ohh I do have a slow cooker! How much water? Covered, or just a bit in the bottom?

Yeah, I was slightly concerned about salt content for dd- thought I'd try it when it's done and see what it's like? She never really has salt so if it's just a bit salty I can rationalise it with 'in moderation' aha

What can I actually do with the end result? What will the end result be?!?!

shinysparklythings Tue 19-Aug-14 11:07:30

I cover mine with water!

In terms of what you get think fall apart ham, so lush! So you can have it with anything you want! I normally do a salad the first night and then pasta in cheese sauce with ham in.

Poledra Tue 19-Aug-14 11:12:30

Once boiled/slow-cookered, serve with new potatoes and parsley souce, with maybe some peas or sweetcorn on the side. Yes, it might be a little salty, but then just give DD a little piece and extra veg/potatoes. Delicious. Then, as a PP said, make some pea and ham soup with te stock and left-over ham. Delicious.

Or I make squash risotto, using the cooking water as the stock for the risotto. Look for Hugh F-W's recipe online. Again, small but of ham for DD, risotto perfect for a little one.

trevortrevorslattery Tue 19-Aug-14 11:13:26

Stick in your slow cooker with lentils, pearl barley, onions, carrots, potatoes (basically whatever veg you have) and enough water to cover the lot.
I normally stick it on before work so it ends up cooking for 8 hours or so.

Take the ham out and either cut it up & return to the pan, or slice it for eating later. Use a stick blender to mush up the rest of it for lovely broth.. mmmm

21mealspluscake Tue 19-Aug-14 11:16:34

Home cooked ham is a real treat. Cover with water, add an onion studded with a couple of cloves, a few peppercorns and some parsley and a bay leaf if you have one. Cook for a couple of hours at a gentle simmer or longer in a slow cooker. You can serve it warm with parsley sauce and some boiled carrots and new potatoes, cold sliced goes really well with coleslaw and potato salad and there's always ham egg and chips!

If you're worried about the salt content you can put it into a pan with cold water, bring to the boil, then discard that water and start from the beginning.

MumBoots Tue 19-Aug-14 11:17:31

Save it for the weekend (if sell by date allows) and make Nigella's ham in coke. Divine.

Ragwort Tue 19-Aug-14 11:18:30

The end result will be cooked gammon grin - nice served with jacket potatoes and veg, or new potatoes & salad. Make left overs into sandwiches or a risotto and a soup as others have suggested.

Just remembered I used to serve gammon with a homemade bbq sauce and rice, haven't had that for ages.

PinkAndBlueBedtimeBears Tue 19-Aug-14 11:43:10

If I chuck it in the slow cooker with a load of veg and cover it in water- won't it just be sloppy salty water with some stray bits of gammon floating around?!

Allalonenow Tue 19-Aug-14 12:01:30

Pre soak it in water for a few hours or overnight to get rid of the salt.

Serve hot with cauliflower cheese, a match made in heaven.

Use the leftovers in risotto, chicken and ham pie or pancakes, added to a veg/bean soup to make a hearty meal, in omelette or frittata, in quiche Lorraine, in a cheese sauce with pasta bake.

Tipsykisses Tue 19-Aug-14 12:14:18

I parboil ours with a few peppercorns then drain and roast it in a tin covered with foil with a glaze of ground black pepper , honey , orange juice and a little raspberry jam ....baste it once or twice then remove the foil for the last 20 min or so to caramelise the glaze .
It's delicious warm , once we've used the favourite glazed bits sliced with salad/veg & new potatoes ,we have it chopped in a pasta sauce or stuffed jacket potatoes with cheese ,anything you'd use ham for really .

4merlyknownasSHD Tue 19-Aug-14 14:19:32

I soak in water (covering the joint) for several hours, bring to the boil, chuck out the water, refill, bring to the boil and calculate cooking time from when it is at the boil again. Nice with a jar of cheap bitter marmalade thrown in.

kentishgirl Wed 20-Aug-14 10:45:07

Soak overnight in cold water, change the water a couple of times, that removes most of the salt.

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