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skinny kids

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Helenad Thu 12-Jul-01 21:42:59

My daughter who is 15 months is very slim built at her last check she weighed just under 21lbs. however. my health visitor is not worried as her development for a baby of her age is spot on. She will of course continue to monitor her weight.

Mayb Thu 02-Aug-01 19:44:57

My daughter is a week off 10 years and has been skinny from the day she was born.(A sensible Health Visitor said she's on the bottom line of the scale and will probably stay there (true), throw the scales away!) She's now perfectly healthy, but remains fussy (any fruit put in lunch boxes gets returned)and eats INCREDIBLY slowly!!! She used to breast feed slowly too, needing to be prompted even then! The frustration at mealtimes stretching to an hour still remains - any tips on this welcomed! - but she always manages to tear around the place, swim, race etc on what seems like tiny portions. Skinny can be OK.

Janh Fri 03-Aug-01 09:46:58

mayb, how are her tonsils? one of mine was a terribly slow feeder, and then eater, although he wasn't ever really skinny because he's not built that way. he never had any trouble with his tonsils but they were HUGE and he had them out at 7, since when he eats like lightning...

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