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recipe for SIMNEL CAKE needed

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donnie Sun 04-Apr-04 15:13:39

hi folks, if anyone could pass on a recipe for Easter simnel cake I would be most grateful. I have consulted my not inconsiderable stash of recipe books with no success. Thanks in advance xxxx

rainbowtrout Sun 04-Apr-04 16:19:58

You can use any fruit cake recipe, as rich or not rich as you like. then you just put half the mixture in the tin, add a circle of almond paste (say 8oz caster sugar & 8 oz ground almonds mixed to a roll- outable paste with egg yolk) then put other half of fruit cake mixture on top, and bake as usual. May take a little longer in oven. Then you roll out some more marzipan for the top, add 11 balls for the 11 disciples (!). Then you can either brown it very carefully under grill (burns very easily!) or you can brush with beaten egg and put in hot oven until balls are browned. You can use shop marzipan, perhaps safer if little ones are going to eat it.

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