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My houmous tastes rather bland.

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mckenzie Sat 12-Jul-14 19:40:14

It's the first time I've made it and I used a recipe on line from BBC Food


I did make one mistake and that was to out the paprika in the food blender instead of sprinkle it on top. It doesn't taste unpleasant,just rather nothingy.

Any tips please for my second attempt.


MildDrPepperAddiction Sat 12-Jul-14 19:41:48

No advice but watching as I always have this problem too. Maybe I need more garlic??

goshhhhhh Sat 12-Jul-14 19:43:13

Add garlic & lemon juice then see if that is better.

EBearhug Sat 12-Jul-14 19:43:37

It's easier if you use garlic puree from a tube. And maybe a little more salt. I also whizz up some parsley with the chickpeas.

mckenzie Sat 12-Jul-14 20:06:14

I've just spent ages cleaning the blender! Can I add more lemon and garlic by hand?

mckenzie Sat 12-Jul-14 20:06:46

And thanks for the replies (sorry, I should have put that first!)

ObfusKate Sat 12-Jul-14 20:08:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beccajoh Sat 12-Jul-14 20:09:21

Did you put tahini in it? I always think that's the key to really tasty hummus!

Doilooklikeatourist Sat 12-Jul-14 20:11:27

I made the good food one , just put extra lemon juice than they suggested , and more salt and actually quite a lot of tahini
It's lovely and tasty

Stubbed Sat 12-Jul-14 20:16:12

The answer is DEFINITELY cayenne pepper. Just a quarter of a teaspoon. And a spoonful of natural yoghurt.

Selks Sat 12-Jul-14 20:18:43

Lots of tahini, lemon and garlic, and make sure you season it too...it needs a bit of salt. And don't forget the olive oil...it does need it. A bit of cumin can be nice in it too, but I am a bit of a purist when it comes to hummus...it just needs enough lemon etc.

mckenzie Sat 12-Jul-14 20:20:06

I did put tahini in, about 90 mls but I have more if you think I should add more.
Natural yoghurt I have but no cayenne pepper.

So shall I add more tahini, more lemon juice and some natural yoghurt and if necessary, get cayenne pepper tomorrow?

BeCool Sat 12-Jul-14 20:22:02

Not too much garlic! I am a garlic fan but it can overpower it all so easily.

Lemon juice, tahini, parsley, olive oil.

mckenzie Sat 12-Jul-14 20:25:10

I can't taste the garlic at all BeCool. I put two cloves in.

SanityClause Sat 12-Jul-14 20:28:31

The garlic does "develop" a bit. Let it sit around for half an hour before eating it. If still a bit bland, add more lemon juice and salt.

ObfusKate Sat 12-Jul-14 20:32:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Selks Sat 12-Jul-14 20:34:14

Yes, the flavour does improve if you let it sit for a while.

HuevosRancheros Sat 12-Jul-14 21:35:53

Agree to garlic, lemon and tahini, but I think they key is salt, it brings all the other flavours out

ObfusKate Sat 12-Jul-14 22:07:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AntoinetteCosway Sat 12-Jul-14 22:21:18

I made the same one a few weeks ago and thought it was horribly bland. The texture was also weird and I had to add more liquid to get it creamy-though I'm sure that also contributed to making it so bland.

MadameDefarge Sat 12-Jul-14 22:24:55

People often underseason, especially with the salt, thinking its bad for you. Its worth being brave, because your big pinch of nice salt is still about a quillionith put into processed foods!

ObfusKate Sat 12-Jul-14 22:31:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mckenzie Sun 13-Jul-14 08:44:50

Thanks for all the post smile
I shall split it into three portions and try different things to each portion and see what tastes best.

Results later!

mckenzie Sun 13-Jul-14 15:01:04

Stubbed wins. The cayenne pepper was all it took.
The natural yoghurt plus the cayenne pepper though was quite nice and I think the extra blitz in the processor got rid of some slightly more lumpy bits which really helped. But definitely cayenne pepper. Thanks Stubbed.

Stubbed Mon 14-Jul-14 09:17:54

You're welcome. I must admit I was worried when no one else suggested it!

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