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Once a week vegetarian recipes

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Cornishblues Fri 11-Jul-14 16:56:57

I'm looking for some ideas for recipes that can become staples that we eat all the time. not dinner party special, but ones that we all like enough to eat weekly, and are easy enough to manage once a week (more time/effort fine if results in big batch cooked every so often and then dug out from freezer).

Eg this is my veg bolognaise - makes a large quantity (7+ portions?) that I make and freeze portions.

Fry a couple of chopped onions with 3-4 garlic cloves. When soft add (using a large mug if you're stocking the freezer):

2 tins tomatoes
1 mug green lentils
1 mug water or stock
1 mug cheap red wine
2 chopped carrots
1-2 chopped red peppers
1 tbsp dried mixed herbs
2 bay leaves
Tomato purée
Some/all of following:
dried mushrooms, chopped
Sundries tomatoes, chopped
Jalapeño peppers from a jar, chopped

Bring to simmer and simmer for 45 mins. You may need more liquid - another tin of tomatoes, water or wine depending on your mood! Eat with pasta and grated cheese.

So what do you veggies do that would fit the bill?

Chilli - my current version uses Quorn mince and is:

Fry diced onion, courgette, carrot, peppers
Add diced red chilli, teaspoon chipotle paste, half teaspoon chilli flakes, tablespoon barbecue sauce, teaspoon cocoa, teaspoon coffee, s&p
Add chopped coriander, tub passata, small bottle lager
Add pkt mince
Cook until done
Add kidney beans and loads of coriander and tweak chilli levels as needed
Eat with rice, cheese, soured cream and homemade guac or mango salsa.

Cornishblues Sat 12-Jul-14 09:17:40

Ohh.. On a mission to find chipotle paste this weekend! Is that coffee powder or a spoon of made up coffee? Love the idea of lager, there is an alcohol theme here! Where did this recipe evolve from? I do a chilli based on bulghar wheat from the moosewood cookery book but it's not quite 'the one', can't wait to try this!

BetterWithCheese Sat 12-Jul-14 09:52:27

My local Sainsburys has chipotle paste in their specialty food section.

Just coffee granules. Chipotle paste made my Discovery; think Sainsbo's do their own too.

The recipe has evolved over many years of, 'Add a bit of this and that and see what happens!' A squeeze of lime juice won't hurt it either, or a couple of squares of really dark chocolate instead of the cocoa.

Selks Sat 12-Jul-14 10:46:59

I make a lush butternut squash, chickpea and spinach curry.

Dice an onion, cut a butternut into small bits approx 2cm square. Warm a little veg oil in pan on low/ med heat, add onion, cook a min, add the squash, cook on for five mins, checking and stirring to prevent burning.
Add some finely chopped ginger and garlic, cook for a min, add a spoon or two of spice paste (I use pataks - spice paste not sauce in jars), cook couple of mins, add couple of spoons of water to moisten then add lots of fresh spinach. Cook down so spinach wilts. Finally add a tin of coconut milk and a tin of chick peas (Asian brands are best). Check seasoning/ flavour, check squash has cooked through (if not, cook on gently until tender) adjust if necessary. Stir in chopped coriander and serve with basmati rice.

Pantah630 Sat 12-Jul-14 10:50:27

this paella is our current favourite from Plenty.

TinklyLittleLaugh Sat 12-Jul-14 17:41:35

Veggie enchiladas.
Tin of chopped tomatoes drained
Red onion finely chopped
Handful of chopped coriander
Finely chopped fresh chilli to taste
Juice of half a lime
4oz or so of cheddar grated.
Mix it all together.
Place a few scoops of the mixture on a corn tortilla, add a couple of teaspoons of sour cream
Roll up tortillas and place them in a lasagne type dish. Dot any leftover mixture or cream on the top
Bake for 15-20 minutes. Serve with rice.

TinklyLittleLaugh Sat 12-Jul-14 17:44:33

Oh yeah, this does eight tortillas. They are also nice cold the next day in a lunchbox.

julie81 Mon 14-Jul-14 08:40:15

I second the Paella from Plenty, we had yesterday and it is really lovely

Cornishblues Mon 14-Jul-14 09:43:21

Thanks for the suggestions, looking forward to trying them all! Love the paella, usually it's a summer staple but haven't done it yet this year, will get on to it!

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