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home made smoothies in lunch box?

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lighteningmcmama Sat 05-Jul-14 17:47:52


i'm looking at this smoothie maker. they do a family version with extra bottles suitable for a kids packed lunch. it looks cool, but my question is, would i actually use the kiddies bottles? are there any smoothie recipes that would last until lunch time and wouldn't separate?

OutragedFromLeeds Sat 05-Jul-14 20:27:18

I'm not sure smoothies are a good idea in a lunchbox because they're so sugary. Better for breakfast and then they can brush their teeth after.

lighteningmcmama Sat 05-Jul-14 23:59:29

Good point, thanks! We'll save them for at home then.

DoItTooJulia Sun 06-Jul-14 07:16:25

I make smoothies for lunch.

I use a nutribullet though. Thoroughly recommend it.

I make different recipes, so always some spinach, nuts, seeds and other things like that to add to the nutritional content.

The breakfast ones I do with nut milk and oats too. There's one I do with carrot, orange, watermelon,maple and ginger. Delicious!

Rainydayblues Sun 06-Jul-14 07:35:53

Brush teeth before fruit or wait 30mins - the acids in fruit soften tooth enamel and if you brush immediately after you could be damaging the enamel. Stick to sugary foods and drinks at meal times - that's 3 times a day only - not including snacks and the impact from sugar won't be as marked.
I did consider smoothies for my kids but in the end it was too much faff. They have them for breakfast - frozen bananas, full fat greek yoghurt and berries, they sometimes add oat bran.

lighteningmcmama Sun 06-Jul-14 12:25:11

Thanks all.I think we'llleave the smoothies for home so we can keep an eye on teeth.

Dolttoojulia dh mentioned the nutribullet yesterday as his friends had one. It looks great! Can you do normal smoothie recipes in it?eg a hit this week (I'm using the liquidiser atm) has been strawberries and banana. Also can it do ice?

DoItTooJulia Sun 06-Jul-14 18:28:32

Yes, yes and yes! I especially like the hidden greens. Reduces sugar content, ups nutrient content. The recipe book is great too.

Total convert here.

Pagwatch Sun 06-Jul-14 18:31:19

Have you left a smoothie on the side in the kitchen and watched what happens in the hours after making them?
If you have and they are fine then ok.

lighteningmcmama Sun 06-Jul-14 19:52:31

Thanks, I think dh is v keen on the nutribullet, and I've found a discount code for Robert dyas grin

I have seen smoothies go bad, so I know exactly what u mean.pagwatch! I was wondering I guess whether there were any rules of thumb with recipes to avoid it. But it's not a problem now because I think I'm not going to make them for lunch now.

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