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How much food should a 15 month old need?

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malteser17 Thu 03-Jul-14 04:15:41

I'm writing this at 4am as after countless attempts at getting my DS to go back to sleep I thought I would try and see if he was hungry instead - and he's just eaten a slice of toast, half a banana and a box of raisins. That's on top of his food yesterday which was one weetabix before nursery and then all his meals, pudding and snacks at nursery and then a toddler ready meal for tea followed by a yogurt, half a banana before bed and then a long milk feed before going to sleep for a few hours (I'm still breastfeeding at night). He is just getting over chickenpox so I was wondering if his appetite might have come back with a vengeance but just wanted to check if this amount of food sounded normal!

Bedsheets4knickers Thu 03-Jul-14 22:38:40

I used to feed my 1st born dried cherrios whilst watching a few episodes of peppy pig in the early hours. It lasted on an off about 6 months. He was an only then so it didn't matter if we had lazy mornings x

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 09-Jul-14 23:38:40

How's he feeling now? Has his appetite gone back to its usual level?

malteser17 Mon 14-Jul-14 11:22:34

Hiya. Thanks for the support. He seems to have returned to normal but he has definitely had a growth spurt recently so I think all the food must have been to help that. Certainly we've not needed food in the middle of the night for a couple of weeks so that's good I think!

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