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I have a massive glut of soft fruit - what can I make?? (Strawberries/raspberries/blackcurrant)

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TheSpottedZebra Mon 30-Jun-14 10:02:53

I'm only in Bucks, and my fruit is shit.
And I am still jealous.
And possibly moving to Herts!

Next year will be my garden year <vows>

Halsall Mon 30-Jun-14 09:13:58

Hmmm....I'm in Herts too! Same weather!

LaurieFairyCake Sun 29-Jun-14 19:56:39

I'm in Hertfordshire and the blackcurrants have been swollen on the bush for nearly two weeks - had glorious weather though

MyrtleDove Sun 29-Jun-14 19:34:48

Very jealous!

Blackcurrants and raspberries both freeze well - freeze blackcurrants on the vine, freeze raspberries on a flat tray first before bagging up so they don't stick to each other. Maybe make some strawberry cordial with the strawberries?

2kidsintow Sun 29-Jun-14 18:02:07

Yum.... chocolate merinque topped with cream and plenty of fruit.

addictedtosugar Sun 29-Jun-14 17:58:47

I'm guessing your quite a lot further south than us, but I'll buy them off you if your local!

Halsall Sun 29-Jun-14 17:57:18

Gosh, are your blackcurrants early, OP? Mine are nowhere near ready.

In the past I've made creme de cassis with the blackcurrant glut, there's a good recipe in Jane Grigson's fruit book. It's labour intensive but it is seriously good. A home-made kir with your own blackcurrants is a thing of wonder grin

OddFodd Sun 29-Jun-14 17:46:53

Have you made curd? I had some beautiful raspberry and blackberry curd from the National Trust recently. It was beyond delicious.

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Sun 29-Jun-14 17:41:48

We freeze them and do random crumbles/pies/puddings whenever we fancy one, I just chuck them in still frozen or mix with apples etc. I also have a nice recipe somewhere for a sort of clafoutis (berries in a sort of batter pudding) which is lovely with mixed summer fruits, can't remember where it is/where it was from just now though but you could google for it?

Freeze them in layers on something flat (like a baking tray or I use a lid from a big tin of chocolates) inside a plastic bag, then tip them off into a bag or pot once frozen, so they don't get all squished.

lilolilmanchester Sun 29-Jun-14 17:32:43


TheSpottedZebra Sun 29-Jun-14 16:02:42

envy <---- envy face not boaky face!

I am so jealous of all your fruit. I've got really into gardening this year, but too late to have much of a fruit harvest. I have a gentle stream of strawbs, and about 20 blackcurrants ripening.

Where are you (roughly) that you have had such good fruit weather?

LaurieFairyCake Fri 27-Jun-14 16:06:11

Thanks all for the suggestions

I've made: 2 giant pots of raspberry jam, raspberry ice cream, strawberry ice cream, compote over a Madeira cake as the basis for a trifle, a strawberry tart, and 4 litres of blackcurrant cordial smile

SquidgyMaltLoaf Fri 27-Jun-14 10:53:55

Bung some of each in a saucepan with sugar and heat gently until it goes syrupy. Mix half yoghurt with half whipped cream. Put fruit in serving dish, creamy stuff on top and cover with soft brown sugar. Either stick under grill / blow torch to make it crispy on top, or leave in fridge to go fudgy. Mmmmm.....!

NigellasDealer Fri 27-Jun-14 10:45:49

make a rumtopf

JamNan Fri 27-Jun-14 10:42:18

If I have a glut I bung it the freezer and make jam/cordial/crumble/later. If you get yourself a jam thermometer you should be able to make nice jam and not overcook it. I also whizz it up in the food processor to make sauces or sorbets and smoothies and ice-lollies for the GC.

Sadly this year I don't have any soft fruit. I don't know why. I think the badgers ate it! sad

What about making country wine? winegrin

pengymum Fri 27-Jun-14 09:47:32

Ice cream? I'd freeze most of it and use in trifle or smoothies. Strawberries are best fresh tho. Imho.
Tarts or victoria sponge stuffed full mmmm

Sweetmotherfudger Fri 27-Jun-14 09:41:28

Have you got freezer space? Freeze as much as possible. You'll appreciate it in the winter!

4merlyknownasSHD Fri 27-Jun-14 09:37:22

If you don't have time to buy the Certo (pectin), try making Jelly, not jam (a different tab on the LHS) and freeze the juice after straining.

LaurieFairyCake Fri 27-Jun-14 09:02:28

I don't do good jam, always leave it too long so it goes sticky and overcooked.

I've no bread to make summer pudding - and I'm not keen on it. I made a huge pavlova last night and it didn't make a dent in the amount of fruit - though it was bloody tasty

My favourite jam is raspberry and I think they will go off the quickest if I don't do something with them this morning - I may risk making a couple of pots. - anyone got a good jam recipe?

KarlWrenbury Fri 27-Jun-14 08:54:09

cept type it right innit ;)

KarlWrenbury Fri 27-Jun-14 08:53:26

why not try maybe... er ... looking here

Katisha Fri 27-Jun-14 08:52:53

Is it too obv to say jam?

BeckAndCall Fri 27-Jun-14 08:52:33

Several summer puddings??

LaurieFairyCake Fri 27-Jun-14 08:48:45

I'm considering making blackcurrant cordial for the blackcurrants

Last week I made compote to have over yoghurt with the strawberries but now I've got an actual bucket full of them

And about 2/3 kilos guesstimate of raspberries

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