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help ds hardly eatin anything in the past 2 days

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mummytojames Sun 28-Mar-04 15:27:12

i was woundering if you could help me with this one ds is six months teething and usualy loves his food he usualy eats bettween three plus seven month jars (convert to home cooked) a day but these past 2 days over all he's eaten just over one four month jar in the 2 days but he's not taking any more formula and the onlly thing that has changed is he went from natural yoghurt to natural greek yoghurt and has shown signs of diarea (i know not nice thing to say)has anybody come across this problem with natural greek yoghurt or could he have a bug where i should take him to see the doctor oh and he's still taking water fine
hope you mumnetters can help beause im starting to panic big time

kiwisbird Sun 28-Mar-04 15:41:04

my dd went off all food when getting her teeth, she still does it now at 17 mths, she also gets runny poo and sore bottom.
It does pay to get them looked at to put your mind at ease but teething can make them pretty poorly!
Do not worry too much at his gae, so long as he is taking plenty of milk then he will be ok for a few days.

mummytojames Sun 28-Mar-04 15:43:53

kiwi thats what i thought but he's only taking at most 15oz of milk and he's cut the front for already with no problem on his food he does get runny poo with them but that didnt bother me because he was eating properly

mummytojames Sun 28-Mar-04 15:44:58

ment to put four teeth

fimbles Sun 28-Mar-04 16:44:54

I suppose all you can do is keep offering milk and food in small quantities to him.It is the most stressful thing isn't it. When my dd was like this,the only thing she would have is yoghurts (soya ones) esp when she wasn't well Sorry don't anyhing about greek yoghurt. My dd (21 months) is teething aswell (back molars) she hardly ate anything for 2 weeks before the teeth emerged.Main thing is the fluid intake, milk and juice/water to get them through it.

Have you checked his temperature, is he sniffly maybe a cold could be surfing!! Best wishes. Let us know if he is ok.xx

aloha Sun 28-Mar-04 17:02:40

When teething lots of babies make a lot more saliva which makes for very runny poo. It's not harmful so don't panic. The yoghurt won't be making a difference - it's the same stuff. Teething can put them off their food if it hurts to eat. Use calpol and baby nurofen.

mummytojames Sun 28-Mar-04 21:42:53

thanks all for your advice he ate a four month jar for his tea today not as much as normal but better than nothing he dont seem to have a temprature or sniffly so im thinking back molars coming through i will keep posting on how he is now need to go and post on sleep

Mirage Mon 29-Mar-04 21:17:52

Mummyto james,I have the same problem with dd now 7.5 months.It has been going on for 2 weeks on & off & she is only drinking approx 16oz milk too.

After reading your post,I am wondering if it is teething with her-she has no teeth yet.I am going to ring my hv tomorrow,to be on the safe side-it is worrying.

DD has only ever hasd natural or greek yogurts & has never had diarrhea,so I don't think the yogurt is causing it.

Hope things improve for you soon.

mummytojames Tue 30-Mar-04 14:28:26

thanks mirage
update found out its not the yoghurt its the milk we left the milk out in a cold kitchen ovver night to get to sort of room temp where as i useualy blast in microwave to warm it through slightly his appitite hasnt improved much but we have found he will take slightly more if we give him puree we found the best we have done is today breakfast he was willing to take 2 munch bunch yoghurts and same for his dinner (the little ones)not perfect but atleast its better than nothing
am i giving in because usualy he loves his lumps loves to chew and loves savoury foods am i making a rod for my own back or should i be grateful that hes eating something which is strange because first i said i would never give in and secoundly he usualy dont like sweet foods
and thanks again everyone you have been a star

mummytojames Tue 30-Mar-04 20:48:48

ok we think we have found out what has been wrong with ds and beleive it or not it could be magor trapped wind what made me think of it was he was lying on his mat and was breaking alot of wind even though he hadnt had anything so i thought give him some gripe water because he was screaming with it about halk an hour later it was supper time and he ate 2 whole farley rusks with formula whicj means my baby has eaten more in one sitting than he had in to days so for a couple of days we will give him gripe water before his meals and then take it from there im a happy mummy now my baby is on the mend

Mirage Tue 30-Mar-04 21:47:29

Fab news Mummytojames.It is awful when they don't want to eat & I'm glad you have found a simple solution.

I think dd is messing me about.She ate loads at my mums yesterday-the only thing mum did differently was to keep all the food seperate-not all mashed up together.Apparently dd ate so much that my mum daren't give her anymore in case it made her sick.

I tried the same thing at lunch today & she ate 3 times more than she had been doing.However,tea was already frozen mixed up together puree,which didn't go down so well.I hope this is the solution!

Take care

mummytojames Thu 01-Apr-04 02:08:58

oh mirage i hope for your sake it is i never thought babies could be willing to eat anything and so fussy at the same time trials of being a parent huh well if anyone else is reading this i would like to thank you all because i done a serch and found out fennel tea supposed to be good for windy babys so were going to try that tomorow we got four bags of the things out of the bounty pack so we can try it and tell you if it does realy work

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