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Anyone know how to make chocolate concrete/crunch ???

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nutcracker Wed 24-Mar-04 14:25:41

Anyone ???

I used to have it all the time at school and the my nan used to make us a big tin full every week.
I have tried shop bought but it just doesn't taste the same.

Kayleigh Wed 24-Mar-04 14:29:35

ohhh nutcracker, now this is my sort of thread
I adored that stuff. I will await responses with baited breath. I will suggest you try them all out and let us know which is the best.

Sonnet Wed 24-Mar-04 14:56:11

What memories you've just brought back....
don't have any recipies though - sorry...

Have been away form mumsnett towards the end of last week - how did your meeting with the MP go - can you direct me to an update thread....I have been thinking of you

Sonnet Wed 24-Mar-04 15:05:33

Just done a search on google and have come up with two.
Am Cr** at links but here goes - if failed pls just type in address

This one is using mars bars for a difference

Changing the subject - can anyone give me an idiot step by step guide to inserting a link???

soothepoo Wed 24-Mar-04 15:06:07

Is this it?

nutcracker Wed 24-Mar-04 16:13:00

Thanks for asking Sonnet. Briefly, it went well. She is going to ring the council and H/A for me, and make investigations about my noisy neighbour.
I am going to check your link out now.

Soothepoo - That may be it, but there is no piccie so i'm not sure

CountessDracula Wed 24-Mar-04 16:15:23

Do you mean the stuff you get in italian delis/sandwich bars, in a sort of long oblong which is the most delicious thing on earth?

nutcracker Wed 24-Mar-04 16:15:41

Oh no, page not found

SoupDragon Wed 24-Mar-04 16:16:59

What does it look like/contain, Nutty?

nutcracker Wed 24-Mar-04 16:17:14

Erm, don't know about that CD.
We always had it at school, usually with custard. My nans was delicous, should of asked her for the recipe whilst i had the chance.

nutcracker Wed 24-Mar-04 16:18:44

Sd - It is brown, usually with sugar sprinkled on top, and is sometimes quite hard (hence the name), and well it tastes of chocolate

Have you never had it ????

Kayleigh Wed 24-Mar-04 16:19:50

No CD, I believe Nutcracker is talking about something similar to rice crispie cake - similar but not at all the same. You are talking about that gorgeous chocolate stuff that has lumps of biscuit in. (I do have a recipe for this by the way - my mum used to make it and call it freezer cake)

CountessDracula Wed 24-Mar-04 16:20:31

Kayleigh I would love that recipe

Kayleigh Wed 24-Mar-04 16:20:49

Nutcracker - the stuff we had at school was hard - but chewy IYKWIM. Is that right ?

lou33 Wed 24-Mar-04 16:21:00

What about this Nutty?

Kayleigh Wed 24-Mar-04 16:21:35

Am at work CD (obviously !!!). Will look it out for you when I get home.

Kayleigh Wed 24-Mar-04 16:22:20

Oh wow Lou

nutcracker Wed 24-Mar-04 16:23:14

Yep it was hard and chewy. Don't remember it having buscuit in it though.
I have never ever come across a recipe for it, must be some big secret.

nutcracker Wed 24-Mar-04 16:25:20

OMG Lou, that is it Thankyou soooo much

Kayleigh Wed 24-Mar-04 16:27:08

Get cooking Nutty

lou33 Wed 24-Mar-04 16:32:38

pleasure. Enjoy!

CountessDracula Wed 24-Mar-04 16:33:38

Thanks Kayleigh xx

Kayleigh Wed 24-Mar-04 19:54:19

OK CD here it is. Just had a bit of a surreal conversation with my mum as couldn't find my written down recipe and hers is half scribbled notes and half in her head. So amounts are mostly approximate and is probably down to taste and trial & error.

Chocolate Freezer Biscuits

1 large egg
4 to 5 tbls unsweetened drinking chocolate
4oz butter
A little sugar to taste (if you use sweetened drinking choc eg Cadburys you wont need sugar)
Few teaspoons of single cream or milk
Vanilla Essence, couple of drops
Digestive Biscuits (broken into small pieces, not crumbled)
Optional : Raisins and/or nuts,

Beat egg in large mixing bowl and add cool melted butter
Stir in cocoa powder and sugar if needed
Add vanilla and then cream or milk if necessary to get to right consistency, quite firm and smooth
Stir very well and then gently stir in biscuit and any optional extras such as raisins or nuts.
Take mixture and pat into shape while rolling in foil using cold water on your hands to stop mixture sticking. You are aiming for a long round fat sausage shape like a small swiss roll.
Place in freezer for a few hours or overnight.
Cut into biscuits with a sharp knife. Can be eaten straight from frozen or defrosted a little in fridge.

Furball Thu 25-Mar-04 08:01:56

Wow, I'm gonna make Chocolate concrete this afternoon. One slight problem - Does anyone know how you make pink custard?

fio2 Thu 25-Mar-04 08:06:50

dont you just add red colouring to it? You can buy strawberry custard now though in little tubs, ambrosia

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