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Cookery Book Club June - MN Top Bananas! And Nigella's Summer

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Pantah630 Thu 15-May-14 16:07:38

An early thread thanks to MNHQ generosity, the first lucky few in May managed to procure a gratis copy of the new MN cookbook, Top Banana's. At first glance it's looking good. We're also cooking from the modern classic that is Nigella's Summer.

Let the sun shine and the outdoor eating begin grin

skinmysunshine Thu 15-May-14 16:12:10

Marking my spot

glorious Thu 15-May-14 19:17:24

Ooh mine has arrived too, , very excited about it!

pregnantpause Thu 15-May-14 19:30:54

Marking place. Tempted by lots in mntb, and have just ordered nigellas summer ( for 2.81- practically free! In fact, two new cookbooks for June , that's £1.40 each!- or at least that's what I tell myself --- and dh---) wink

Is it, 'Summer' that the melon and feta salad is in? If so, I heartily recommend it!

HuevosRancheros Thu 15-May-14 19:47:17

Is it Nigella "Forever Summer"? Just that she has one called Nigella's Summer coming out soon.....

Pregnant - where did you get it for £2.81?

ELR Thu 15-May-14 20:28:11

Marking place still awaiting the arrival of my book, sure it will be here soon.
Hope it's forever summer as that's the one I've got.
[remus] feta and watermelon salad is in forever summer it's always intrigued me so maybe I'll be brave and give it a go!

Morgan Thu 15-May-14 20:43:13

The new book is just a reprint of the old one . Love Forever Summer - used it loads when I lived in the Middle East .

pregnantpause Thu 15-May-14 20:51:11

Amazon. Second hand for a penny , 2.80 postagegrin same price I paid for delias summer. Can't fault it

HuevosRancheros Thu 15-May-14 21:14:20

Cheapest right now is £3.94 + £2.80p&p, they must be onto us!!!
Will wait and see if price drops.....

Pantah630 Thu 15-May-14 21:21:37

Feta and watermelon is a common summer dish for us, didn't realise Nigella did it too....will check out her recipe.

pregnantpause Thu 15-May-14 21:44:25

That's the paperback- hard back is a pennygrin

glorious Thu 15-May-14 22:00:32

oops I seem to have bought the 1p hardback blush

HuevosRancheros Thu 15-May-14 22:23:47

it's even cheaper (only pence in it though) if you make it part of a £10+ order with Amazon.....

skinmysunshine Thu 15-May-14 22:28:23

Turns out Top Bananas was written by a friend of a friend. Recipes look good too

madamecake Fri 16-May-14 07:49:51

Hoping my copy of top bananas arrives today, I'm surprised by how excited I am to start cooking from it.

Also for anyone interested Food Network is showing episodes of Nigella's Forever summer at the moment, can't remember the exact time, but think it's during the middle of the day.

skinmysunshine Fri 16-May-14 08:23:20

I've already earmarked my first recipe - potato and chickpea curry, although I might sub the potato with celeriac as I don't really eat it

glorious Sat 17-May-14 12:15:20

Mmm, bookmarking devil on horseback bread, cheese and tomato muffins, 60 second cheesecake, fluffy eggs. Main courses don't jump out at me as much. May have to get a slow cooker!

madamecake Sun 18-May-14 21:45:22

Thank you Mumsnet for my copy of top bananas!

Loved the sound of the 3 minute sponge pudding and didn't want to wait till next month, so DH and I tried it tonight. There is now an empty pudding basin blush and I can't even blame the DC as they are both tucked up in bed.

Have earmarked the banana pancakes, bean burgers, beef stifado, pear and ginger upside down pudding and loads more.

pregnantpause Mon 19-May-14 20:22:03

Nigellas summer arrived- I'm impressed- for the ice cream section alone ( guess who got an ice cream maker for Christmaswink)
I can see a few recipes I'll be giving a go. With top bananas as well, I'm looking forward to junesmile

ScienceRocks Wed 21-May-14 18:21:26

My copy of top bananas is here. I have earmarked salmon espagnol and one pot spicy chicken for the first week in June, but there are quite a few I find tempting.

I used to have Nigella's forever summer, but found there was a lot of duplication with other nigella books so I sold it (I now only have Christmas, feast, domestic goddess and how to eat). So I'll only be doing the mn book throughout June.

On a slightly different note, has anyone else got the new Mary Berry book? I only have a very old baking book of hers so haven't done a huge amount of her cooking, but is am very impressed with the three things I have cooked from cooks so far. Nothing ground breaking, but she makes it easy to cook really tasty food that everyone likes smile

LeonardoAcropolis Wed 21-May-14 20:48:40

science yes I have it and am impressed so far, especially with the Salmon en Croute. Im not sure how useful the canape chapter will be, though smile

Solasum Wed 21-May-14 21:18:47

May I join you all in June? I have just bought dumnery Nigella (my first ever!), but Top Bananas is out of my budget for frivolities atm.

Solasum Wed 21-May-14 21:19:54

*summery, even

glorious Wed 21-May-14 21:54:24

Of course, welcome. If you fancy trying any of the mn recipes we do then someone will often type one up for people who don't have the book smile

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