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Adult packed lunch with wine

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catsofa Sat 10-May-14 00:29:32

Suggestions please for a nice packed lunch.


I want to go for a bike ride tomorrow and pack myself a nice picnic lunch to hopefully sit in the sunshine somewhere nice and enjoy. This is not for a kid's packed lunch for school so this one does not have to please the lunch box police - I'm thinking I might take a mini bottle of wine and the leftover kebabs from my takeaway tonight. But they might be a bit greasy to have cold, and the yoghurt stuff would probably leak...

Anyone think of anything else for a nice, adult, indulgent picnic lunchbox? Which widely available small cakes in reasonably non-squishable packaging are the nicest?


JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 10-May-14 21:32:47

Sounds lovely. How about smoked salmon?

Tommy Sat 10-May-14 21:36:35

can you cycle past M&S on your way?

Aliceinvodkaland Sat 10-May-14 21:39:58

and can you pick me up on the way? grin

catsofa Sat 10-May-14 22:55:52

Well it was really really rainy so I didn't do what I'd planned, but I still need ideas for another day as there's a nice canal ride I want to do again.

Also I got confused buying the wine. I picked up a mini bottle to take for the picnic, then I remembered I have a train journey coming up and they charge a fortune for wine on trains and it would be a lovely indulgent treat to drink wine on a train so I'd better get another one. Then I thought I might get another for the train on the way back. Then I realised that at £1.99 each if I were going to buy three then I'd get more wine for less money if I bought the big bottle and decanted it into a little plastic bottle at home for the trains and picnic. Then when I got home I found I didn't have any suitable little plastic bottles.

So now I'm going to have to just sit here at home and drink a whole bottle of wine. Oh well.

catsofa Sat 10-May-14 23:03:16

I love salmon, what could I have with it? Maybe a french loaf and some butter and a knife and stuff to spread on it... hummous maybe, and brie?

I also love olives, maybe I could get some posh deli ones instead of the jars I usually get.

Starting to feel a bit more sophisticated than my cold kebab idea!

Yes I could go past M&S, what would you recommend from there?

Aliceinvodkaland yes of course I can pick you up, you ok to ride on top of the pannier rack? Since I'll be needing the basket at the front for the french stick.

Have always wanted one of these leather bike wine holders.

SasherinSuite Sat 10-May-14 23:45:13

I love a nice pork pie. Baguette with pate. Ready prepared fruit salad. Individual dessert. Also m&s do yummy antipasti like olives with manchego cheese, calamari. Sometimes they do them for 3 for £6 if you're lucky.

zipzap Sun 11-May-14 00:14:48

I like little tortillas for picnics - m&s do some nice ones with roasted veg in. Also tonight I had their chicken yakitori skewers (aka fancy Japanese mini kebabs) and Vietnamese pork rolls (think sushi but with White radish around the outside instead of seaweed and pork and salad bits in) with sweet chilli dipping sauce. Both were reduced in my local m&s (closest food shop and it's only a little one at a station so high percentage of sandwich/eat on the go food). Both were very nice and would have worked well in picnics - Vietnamese rolls would have been really good on a hot summer day - although I used hoisin sauce rather than sweet chilli.

They also do some nice salads - rainbow salad is a favourite as is the one with edamame beans and pea shoots.

catsofa Sun 11-May-14 03:34:21

Oh wow, that all sounds amazing!

I can pass a station with an M&S on my way if I detour only slightly, and I'm thinking of making this a fairly regular excursion over the summer, so maybe I need to work my way through the shelves trying everything in the shop that I haven't tried before.

Hazchem Sun 11-May-14 04:09:27

Crusty bread, avocado, lemon, salt and peper. All travel well all you need is a knife.

catsofa Wed 14-May-14 21:11:46

Perfect, ok this is going to happen this weekend. I may end up eating more than cycling!

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