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Need a recipe for white sauce/cheese sauce with no cows milk

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wilbur Sun 21-Mar-04 11:24:23

Dd is still off cows milk although she is fine with goat/sheep milk and cheese. I want to make her some lasangne and other milky pasta sauces but don't know how to get around the butter (can't find goat's milk butter although I know it exists) in white sauce/cheese sauce. Can I make a roux (sp?) with olive oil? Any non-cows milk mumsnetters out there with a recipe?

harman Sun 21-Mar-04 11:31:08

Message withdrawn

Janh Sun 21-Mar-04 11:41:04

Could you use Olivio?

wilbur Sun 21-Mar-04 12:06:21

Last time I looked, Olivio still had buttermilk in it, not just olive oil. Might pop up to Waitrose on the Kings Rd and see if they have the goat butter.

Podmog Sun 21-Mar-04 12:16:31

Message withdrawn

wilbur Sun 21-Mar-04 13:51:24

podmog, what is PURE? Is it something like lard/vegetable fat? Do you use it in the same quantities as butter?

florenceuk Sun 21-Mar-04 20:37:13

Wilbur, I can't see why you can't make it with olive oil, thickening agent and goats milk. Try a small quantity first, but it should work.

Podmog Mon 22-Mar-04 08:16:36

Message withdrawn

wilbur Mon 22-Mar-04 08:25:19

Cool, thank you podmog and everyone. I will have an experiment later. Any loud cursing coming from S London this afternoon will be me putting my cheese sauce through a sieve.

papillon Mon 22-Mar-04 08:35:31

I make a roux with olive oil.

If you want to try and reduce the cheese as well - tahini - sesame paste is nice and makes for a nutty flavour.

Also brewers yeast (Nutritional yeast) is good replacement for the cheesy flavour (quasi-cheesey taste) . You are supposed to boil it though - takes out the nuturients. Add it at the end

but ...more than a few tablespoons a day of the stuff messes up the uric acid in your body and can lead to gall stones. So best not to overdose on the stuff

I like to add abit of good quality vege stock to the sauce as well.

By the time you add those flavours you really do not need any milk - water works too!

I do not really use recipes but hope these ideas might help you.

papillon Mon 22-Mar-04 08:36:26

that are not supposed to boil brewers yeast

papillon Mon 22-Mar-04 08:37:52

If you do not want to sieve the sauce - use corn flour (corn starch instead of flour) not so gluggy

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