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What do your small children have for breakfast and lunch?

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littleraysofsunshine Tue 22-Apr-14 22:30:10


Edenviolet Tue 22-Apr-14 22:33:45

Dd2 is four and has 1 slice of toast every day and for lunch some pizza, cucumber, pepper and yogurt. Same every day.

Ds2 is 2 and has yogurt and fruit or toast and marmite for breakfast and usually pasta or a sandwich and salad for lunch and fruit, yogurt or raisins after if still hungry.

SpiderRoaster Tue 22-Apr-14 22:39:18

Breakfast choices: porridge with syrup or fruit nutella, toast, egg (any shape or form), granolo, yoghurt / fruit, toast, chocolate rice crispies, hoops. DD normally picks porridge as she loves it.

Lunch choicess: normally sandwiches of any kind (cheese, tuna, ham, cheese spread, egg) with cut up tomatoes and cucubmber; left over meal from night before (curry, bollonaise, lasagna, chicken dinner etc); omelette; accompanied with fruit of some sort (either banana, apple, pear, satsuma or blueberries)

ThinkIveBeenHacked Tue 22-Apr-14 22:42:22

DD 2.3

Breakfast : porridge or museli, slice of toast and peice of fruit
Mid morning : snack of fruit
Lunch : omelette or quesedilla, cucumber and tomato, yoghurt
Dinner : pasta and garlic bread or chicken and veg/pots, fish and veg
Supper : cereal or toast

YouPutYourRightArmIn Tue 22-Apr-14 22:44:11


xalyssx Tue 22-Apr-14 22:44:39

For breakfast, DS aged 2 has a bowl of blueberry wheats and full fat milk, or a weetabix. For lunch, he has a slice of toast and butter, a dairylea triangle and a yoghurt, sometimes some crisps too. Occasionally he'll have a homemade pasty, or some pasta salad.

MrsBungle Tue 22-Apr-14 22:49:28

My 4 year old and 2 year old eat the same.

Breakfast choices:
Porridge oats with honey
Weetabix with strawberries/blueberries/banana etc
Occasionally toast or a bagel as well as cereal.

Sandwiches with cucumber/pepper/carrot sticks etc
Quiche and salad
Beans on toast
Cheesy pizza toast - toast with tomato purée, cheese and peppers, maybe mushrooms

Deckmyballs Tue 22-Apr-14 22:54:29

5yo fav is honey anything (porridge/cornflakes/loops) for breakfast quickly followed by an apple then cheese sandwich mostly with yogurt and grapes/banana/strawberries

3yo porridge or muesli for breakfast again followed by an apple then ham/cheese sandwich with yogurt and grapes/banana/strawberries

1yo corn flakes or rice crispies for breakfast followed by a fruit or any kind other than banana then for lunch she doesn't like bread much unless it's a toastie so generally cheese cubes, or boiled egg or a cheese and ham toastie followed by yogurt an fruit!

All have water until bedtime when 1yo has milk. 5&3yo are given milk at school/playgroup

Nunyabiz Tue 22-Apr-14 22:57:07

DD is 3.
She eats toast (2 slices) one with peanut butter and honey and one with Vegemite. She also enjoys marmalade, apricot jam, honey, Nutella etc
She helps herself to an apple most days.
Sometimes I will cut up strawberries or whatever fruit we have going (orange, grapes, a banana)
She also like wheetbix with honey.
She'll eat yoghurt if we buy it but only yoplait petite miam... Unfortunately! Won't touch any other brand.
She also has a watered down orange or apple juice.

For lunch... Rice, pasta, pizza, chicken- she's not big on vegetables! I hide them where I can!

Artandco Tue 22-Apr-14 23:00:12

Same as dh and I. Today:

Breakfast : porridge with crushed nuts and blueberries. A boiled egg

Lunch : meatballs and spaghetti.

findingherfeet Tue 22-Apr-14 23:09:06

Breakfast is porridge or cornflakes with either raspberries, blueberries,raisins or banana on top (we use semi goats milk)

Lunch is depressingly nearly always a cheese and pickle sandwich on granary bread...sometimes ham and pickle...if she's being radical there's some olives or cherry tomatoes to accompany. Natural yoghurt and/or fruit for pudding (pear/orange/kiwi or berries of some variety)

Thankfully she'll eat a decent and more varied dinner!!

She's 2 and 1/2

Longdistance Tue 22-Apr-14 23:14:16

Both dd's have pretty much the same.

Cereal, pancakes with banana. Sometimes boiled egg and soldiers (they ask for these if they're bored with their usual). Sometimes we have croissants and pastries in the weekend.

Lunch, is usually a ham or chicken sandwich with cheese, yogurt, fruit or crisps.
Sometimes it cheese on toast, or beans on toast. It usually depends on the day, and what activities we're doing.

Dd's are nearly 3, and 4.5.

TheRealMaryMillington Tue 22-Apr-14 23:14:34

DS is 3 and loves breakfast. He has cereal or porridge (sometimes 2 bowls) juice or milk and sometimes toast too.

For lunch he would prefer to have more cereal or porridge and is occasionally allowed if I am feeling extra weary, but more usually pasta pesto, quinoa, a boring cheese sandwich, dippy eggy and soldiers, with some token gesture cutter-up fruit, often removed from plate with look of horror

CoffeeChocolateWine Wed 23-Apr-14 16:02:58

My DC are 5 and almost 2.

Breakfast: Choice of porridge with honey, cereal (usually weetabix, rice krispies, shredded wheat, cheerios, shreddies on offer), eggs of any kind, toast, fruit and yoghurt, pancakes at the weekend if I'm feeling kind!

Lunch: Sandwich or roll usually, bagel, crumpets, cheese/beans/egg on toast, quiche, humous and pitta/veg dippers, soup, baked camembert with dippers occasionally. DD loves cottage cheese and crackers. Always a mix of cucumber, tomato, carrot and sweetcorn on the side.

TerrifiedMothertobe Wed 23-Apr-14 21:48:25

Ds1 normally has toast and jam and then a bowl of fruit/ fibre ore cornflakes/ weeks ic for brekkie.

Snack - today grapes and. Fruit biscuit

I cook a proper lunch, today was penne with sausage and veg sauce (peppers, courgettes and tomato and garlic) with a bit of cheese. He had 4 bowls... And strawberry yep valley yogurt for pud

Snack - Easter egg remnants

Tea was two soft boiled eggs and a slice of toast (seeded batch) with mango and melon for pud.

He is 2.5 and I know a good eater, and not Lardy. Eats like an adult most days, other days picks.

He is at nursery 4 days a week and they cook proper home food, food is v important to me, it's the spice of life!

littleraysofsunshine Thu 24-Apr-14 15:00:59

They refuse tomatoes, cucumber, raw veg, hummus

littleraysofsunshine Thu 24-Apr-14 22:01:50


YouPutYourRightArmIn Thu 24-Apr-14 22:07:22

Watching With Interest

MilkRunningOutAgain Thu 24-Apr-14 22:43:38

Mine had cereal (weetabix, porridge, cornflakes, shreddies) or toast for breakfast. When they were pre school I would usually give their main meal at midday, they went to nursery 3 days a week and had their main meal at midday there and it was easiest to do the same on the days I was at home. So they had a lighter tea at 4:30 ish - beans on toast / cheese on toast / toast and hummus / baked potato and beans and cheese / savoury pancakes / pasta and tomato or cheese sauce / soup / fruit and veg sticks / yogurt or rice pudding usually.

carolinementzer Fri 25-Apr-14 17:13:33

Breakfast muffins, porridge, and pancakes mainly, or scrambled egg on toast. We avoid mainstream cereals as not healthy - here's my muffin recipe and blog post on healthy breakfast for children if you're interested.

Gerty1002 Fri 25-Apr-14 19:27:22

WWI as weaning 7.5mo DS and need inspiration. Breakfast we are fine with (porridge, weetabix or toast all with fruit, or some type of eggs with tomatoes/mushrooms) but lunch I am struggling!

MuddledColours Fri 25-Apr-14 20:50:27

breakfast is usually banana pancakes with peanut butter, cereal, boiled/scrambled eggs, toast with various toppings, porridge, beans with cheese on toast, fruit waffles, fruit toast

lunch can be leftovers, tinned sardines on toast/over pasta, veg omelettes, sandwiches, quiche, salady bits with chicken drumsticks

MummyPig24 Sat 26-Apr-14 05:33:48

Usually cereal for breakfast. Shreddies, weetabix or Cheerios. Sometimes toast or eggs. Always an apple to follow.

Lunch is sandwiches, wraps with ham, cheese, tuna, peanut butter. Or pitta strips with homous. Then they have cucumber, carrot, pepper sticks, some fruit and yogurt. Occasionally a small cake or biscuit.

happypotamus Sat 26-Apr-14 11:27:55

DD is just turned 3.
Breakfast choices are: readybrek, Weetabix, occasionally shreddies if DH has bought himself some. Sometimes she has a piece of fruit or a yoghurt afterwards but we try to refuse that.

Lunch is usually cheese or ham sandwich with tomatoes and cucumber. She loves hummus with pitta or breadsticks when we have that. She also likes boiled egg, cheese on toast, crumpets, soup, beans on toast, toasted sandwich. Fruit or yoghurt are the options for pudding.

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