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powsh meal ideas

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PumpingRSI Sat 05-Apr-14 08:42:59

I'm having some friends over tonight and am sick of eating our budget conscious, baby friendly slow cooked food. I'm doing 3 courses and have decided on main of beef braised in stout with parsnip mash and greens and my every time pud of ssummer fruit roulade but I want a nice fish related starter. and something not to difficult as it will have to be made before our quickly after baby bedtime. Maybe smoked trout and a watercress sauce? or something else? Not exactly powsh but more effort than normal! any ideas as going shopping in a bit.

pregnantpause Sat 05-Apr-14 08:53:57

I like a nice salmon tartare, but your trout in watercress sauce sounds lovely.

Slackgardener Sat 05-Apr-14 12:42:36

Scallops, pea purée and blackpudding

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