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help. party food

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gingermop Wed 02-Apr-14 13:37:04

Hope posting in right place :-)
Its my mums 60th nxt week, we r having a small gathering at home, iv ordered a lovely cake and iv got to do food, im stuck, iv done lots of partys but only kids ones, want sumthing a bit up market for my mum.
Want buffet style and iv gotta feed 17 people.

So im looking for posh nosh but easy and not high budget, lol

Anyone help? Thank you ta very muchly :-) x

QueenofallIsee Wed 02-Apr-14 13:46:39

Stuff I have done before:

Whole salmon (often pretty cheap I find) with dill and lemon slices
Canapes - we have mini Yorkshire puds with a teeny bit of crème fraiche and a sliver of rare beef, bruschetta with goats cheese and spring onion, sundried tomatos on melba toast rounds
Continental meats presented on a platter
Grissini with parma ham - I twist the ham round
basic crudités and dips - I have been known to buy smart price dips and decant into nice pots and you just need carrot batons, cucumber, tortilla chips and celery for dipping
A massive pork pie from the butchers
Salad with gorge dressing - make it special with feta, fruit etc in it
Whole Ham for at the table slicing
Cheese board
Beautiful fresh bread to pile the meats on, buy real butter to go on it
Dim sum if you have time
home made potato salad always goes down well

gingermop Wed 02-Apr-14 16:33:02

fab ideas thank you so much x

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