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Pease - quick ideas for a light dessert after heavy cheesy meal?

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homeanddry Wed 26-Mar-14 14:04:24

I'm having a crowd over for a raclette after work this week and won't have much time to prepare (hence the no-prep raclette)

I love fresh fruit salad but all that chopping and peeling takes too long.

What else could I do? Something meringuey? I need inspiration!

homeanddry Wed 26-Mar-14 14:05:26

please, not pease! pease pudding NOT appropriate

MillyONaire Wed 26-Mar-14 14:08:15

Rasberry coulis on ice-cream.

MillyONaire Wed 26-Mar-14 14:08:38

RasPberry even....

Seminyak Wed 26-Mar-14 14:09:13

Raspberry coulis on ice cream - WITH Magic Shell smile smile

Pavlova is nice and light I suppose

Bluestocking Wed 26-Mar-14 14:11:00

How about a lovely bowl of fruit so everyone can pick what they like? I know it's not the best time of year for fresh fruit but the supermarket should be able to provide a decent selection.

homeanddry Wed 26-Mar-14 14:24:44

magic shell?

my mum makes a wicked baked alaska
with raspberry coulis, yum

but no time for that degree of faff

self-service ice cream, frozen berries/fresh fruit and meringue then, perhaps

Bluestocking Wed 26-Mar-14 20:27:36

Not icecream, too much dairy after a raclette. Sorbet maybe?

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 26-Mar-14 20:31:17

Mango and strawberry salad with passion fruit sauce (very easy to make and tasty)

Inselaffe Wed 26-Mar-14 20:32:53

YY to self-serve pudding - rinse blueberries, raspberries etc. and put them in little bowls and serve with pavlovas, a bowl of whipped cream and some coulis for people to self assemble.

Or sorbet and fresh fruit?

Seminyak Wed 26-Mar-14 20:44:38

Magic shell is choc sauce that solidifies on ice cream smile fun. But probs not suitable.

I can't think of any light puddings sad sorry

Millipedewithherfeetup Wed 26-Mar-14 20:48:42

Pop into supermarket, buy a few lemon moose type desserts, put in big bowl and pretend its one you made earlier !

Fillybuster Wed 26-Mar-14 20:51:40

I'd do a massive pavlova (6 to 8 eggs whites, 70g sugar to each egg, whiske until totally solid then fold in some vanilla essence or rosewater, 2 tbspns cornflour and 1 tbpsn white wine vinega at the end with a metal spoon, gently). Draw a circle on baking paper around something large and round (15" plate, if you can fit that on a baking tray), then spoon in the mix. Make it higher at the sides and lower in the middle. Basically, you're making the worlds biggest meringue next smile

Bake approx 45mins at 140, then leave to cool in the oven with it cracked open.

Whisk double cream with a little bit of icing sugar (you don't want it too sweet as the meringue is sweet enough) until nearly completely solid. Spoon it into the middle of the nest. Wash and pat dry a mix of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries (although these are nicer if you can cut them a bit), and pomegranate seeds and pour the whole lots over the top of the cream.

Serve and stand back to receive massive adulation from all your colleagues.

Seriously: this looks totally stunning, everyone loves it and it really is that easy.

Good luck smile

PS You can make the meringue up to a week in advance: let it cool overnight in the oven if possible, then wrap it airtight with foil and leave somewhere cool and dry.

minipie Wed 26-Mar-14 21:02:36

pavlova is lovely but not exactly quick and simple unless you do it lots.

Eton mess with bought meringue is the cheaty version

If it's cheese based main you might not want something too dairy based.

how about baked fruit (plums? figs?) with honey and mascarpone? v easy

or a fruit tart - pre rolled puff pastry, score a border, slice apples (or other fruit) very thinly and lay on pastry, sprinkle with sugar, bake.

homeanddry Wed 26-Mar-14 21:23:30

I LOVE pavlova - thanks for recipe Filly! Will definitely use it but I won't have time for it this time sad

Fruit tart sounds like my kind of doddle smile

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