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Minnieisthedevilmouse Mon 24-Mar-14 08:59:14

I've bought this because of WW. Not a clue what to do with it. Seems ok for sweets as tried with berries. But what or how can I use in savoury?

Any tested ideas before I try the horror of google...? Will toddler eat it do you think?

Many thanks

pinkcheese Tue 25-Mar-14 19:13:23

Cook with it as you would yogurt (stroganoff, curries, etc) but it doesn't curdle when heated.

Use in place of cream cheese in baked New York cheesecake.

Add flavourings to it to make a creamy dip (eg guacamole, garlic, herb, chilli)

Use as per natural yogurt and add berries, fruit compote, grains, etc for a delicious breakfast or dessert.

Use instead of sour cream to make dressings for salads, steaks, etc.

It has a very mild inoffensive flavour (not like yogurt), and is quite creamy, so is perfect as sweet or savoury).

I grew up in Germany and would often have a bowlful for dessert with a teaspoon of choc Nesquik stirred through grin

Whatsnextmum Thu 27-Mar-14 14:33:20

Thanks pink (nc). Really appreciate the help x

PasswordProtected Sat 29-Mar-14 16:58:48

One of my favourite dishes is herby quark with baby new potatoes & green salad.
Whisk up the quark with some milk to loosen it, add seasoning & a generous amount of freshly chopped herbs. Delicious.

mrspremise Sat 29-Mar-14 17:27:59

I use it instead of ricotta because it's cheaper it seems to behave the same smile

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