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What's for tea this week?

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LowLevelWhinging Sun 23-Mar-14 13:46:41

Please inspire me.

Just doing the online shop and I cannot think of one single dinner.

What are you lot having?

CointreauVersial Sun 23-Mar-14 14:02:50

Tonight we will be having Hungarian Pork Goulash.

Tomorrow, Mexican Chicken Wraps.

I also have a portion of Bolognaise sauce in the freezer that will do us for one our "rushing around" evenings.

Maybe Salmon fillets marinaded in lime and honey later in the week?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 23-Mar-14 14:49:45

Seem to be rotating the same things lately and getting pretty bored, but this week is likely to be something along the lines of:

Today (this is definite): veggie sausages, roasted onions, sweet potato mash, sprouts, carrots, and trying kale for the first time ever, plus onion gravy. Have (shop bought) pie and (shop bought fresh) custard for pud.

Tomorrow - veggie enchiladas with homemade guac and salad

Tues - veggie sausage casserole with hassleback potatoes

Weds - omelettes filled with peppers, onions and mushrooms, with homemade paprika wedges and salad

Thurs - I think we're eating out

Friday - dhal, rice, salads etc - all homemade but will prob buy some bhajis to go with it

Saturday - probably baked potatoes with something

Beanymonster Sun 23-Mar-14 14:59:14

Tagging along for inspiration... because I have none either

LowLevelWhinging Sun 23-Mar-14 16:52:06

stuck in a rut here too with meals consisting of:

tuna pasta
takeaway curry... not great!

I'm getting hungry now and the fridge is pretty bare.

I think tonight will be a store cupboard lentil chilli

MilkRunningOutAgain Sun 23-Mar-14 17:58:21

today - chicken kebabs and veggies
Mon - shepards pie
Tue - have salmon, may just grill and serve with veggies, or perhaps with leeks, red pepper & creme fraiche in wraps
Wed - chicken casserole with lots of root veggies
Thurs - corned beef hash or savoury pancakes
Fri - ??? not got that fat - possibly an omelette or a pizza and salad

ThePearShapedToad Sun 23-Mar-14 18:04:23

Today: lasagne with Greek salad, sautéed bananas and geek yoghurt for dessert

Monday: roasted sweet potatoes, garlicky roasted peppers, feta and rocket salad, panna cotta for dessert

Tuesday: one of the "instant freezer dinners" I've pre-made and frozen- probably 6 vegetable spicy soup and will whip up some quick cumin rolls to go with. Griddled pineapple with mint sugar for dessert

Wed: wild mushroom risotto with creme fraiche. Some kind of gooey sponge with custard for dessert

Thurs: mackrel with lemon and herbs and steamed veg. Probably just fresh fruit salad for dessert as it's a busy night on thurs

Fri: spiced fruit couscous with whatever meat is in the freezer, cooked in a tagine-y style with tamarind and tomatoes.
Probably pavlova for dessert as a Friday treat

ThePearShapedToad Sun 23-Mar-14 18:04:48

Ha. *greek yoghurt

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 23-Mar-14 18:38:08

I'll see you on Monday, Toad, because that sounds bloomin' gorgeous!

Shimmyshimmy Sun 23-Mar-14 19:49:43

Ox cheek stew
Paella with chicken and chorizo
Sausage and mash
Spag Bol
Minced rump steak burgers on a brioche bun with some gherkins.
Some kind of fish - will decide when I visit the fishmonger

Meow75 Sun 23-Mar-14 19:53:21

Colcannon with Lamb chops and steamed veg tomorrow.
Chinese style prawns with noodles and veg Tuesday
Salmon fish cakes with oven chips and probably salad Wednesday

Not sure about Th and Fri yet.

Mominatrix Sun 23-Mar-14 21:08:37

Today: lunch was a quick cheese, pate, bread, and salad plate. Dinner was socca/pissaladiere cross, followed by rhubarb custard tart

Monday: miso glazed salmon, grilled asparagus, soba noodles
Tuesday: we are out, so the children will have pasta bolognese from the freezer
Wednesday: steak, potato (normal and sweet) gratin, steamed broccoli
Thursday: out again with activities
Friday: buccatini al amatriciana
Saturday: lunch-kale and chickpea coconut curry. Dinner - hot and sour soup
Sunday: I'm taking lunch off! Dinner: mixed tapas (so far it will be tortilla espagnola, olives, baked chorizo with tomatoes, sautéed pardon peppers, cheeses, breads)

sharond101 Sun 23-Mar-14 21:43:20

Remus how do you do your veggie enchiladas?

monday - HM chicken goujons with vegetables and rice
tuesday - cod topped with red pesto and seeded breadcrumbs
wednesday - out for anniversary?
thursday - ratatouille and crusty bread
friday - chicken tikka

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 23-Mar-14 21:49:10

Mominatrix - recipe for kale and chickpea curry, please?

Sharond - one of two ways:

1) Microwave a packet of Waitrose ready chopped butternut squash and sweet potato. Meanwhile fry onion half moons until golden, with some paprika, garlic and chilli flakes or chopped red chilli. Mix with the steamed vege and add a load of chopped spinach and a drained tin chickpeas. Stuff it into bought tortillas in rolls. Lie them in a dish and cover with cheese. Bake. You can shove a tomato sauce on top before the cheese, but I prefer it without.

2) Roast some chunks of sweet potato. Fry chopped onion, diced peppers and garlic. Add paprika and chilli flakes or chopped red chilli. Add passata and 2 drained tins mixed beans. Add s&p, the sweet potato pieces and some sweetcorn if wished and warm through. Roll and top with cheese and bake, as above. Or just warm the tortillas and fold around the filling without baking, for burritos.

clary Sun 23-Mar-14 21:53:48

chili con carne and rice

Sweet potato and chick pea curry

Sausage casserole

Pasta with tomato sauce

gnocchi and broccoli in cheese sauce

baked potatoes mashed with mozzarella and cheddar and then rebaked

chicken risotto

Actually scrap all that I am going round to PearShapedToad's as that all sounds yummy, loving that pudding is on the list too [greedy emoticon]

ThePearShapedToad Mon 24-Mar-14 00:50:23

Got to have pudding! That gets planned before the savoury! grin

GhettoPrincess001 Mon 24-Mar-14 01:03:08

Tonight - chicken and mushroom curry
Tues - pork chop, veg, potatoes, gravy
wed - sliced beef with sliced green veg, sauce and noodles
thurs - pork and apple meat loaf, veg, gravy and potatoes
fri - crumb chicken, oven chips, peas and tomato

wordfactory Mon 24-Mar-14 17:22:17

Oh God, the endless planning, shopping and cooking of family meals is enough to drive anyone to drink!

FWIW here's this week's run down in Casa Wordfactory.

Sunday ; Roast chickens (I do two so there are leftovers), roast potatoes, brocoli, carrots, leeks, gravy.

Monday ; chicken pie with green salad.

Tuesday ; something with lamb mince - probably keema.

Wednesday ; some kind of beef caserole.

Thursday ; Ham in coke with fries maybe.

ShoeWhore Mon 24-Mar-14 17:26:39

Tonight - roast chicken (was meant to be yesterday!) with roast potatoes, broccoli carrots and leeks
Tues - chicken and sweet potato curry (made with leftover chicken)
Wed - omelette
Thurs/Fri etc - don't know yet!

Have some spinach that needs eating - any ideas?

magic8balls Mon 24-Mar-14 17:30:56

I get so insanely bored of planning our weeky meals. I try to throw something brand new into the mix but its so dull!
Today - my DH is insisting on a BBQ, wtf? It's barely 10 degrees you weirdo! I'll be comfortably in the lounge whilst he shivers over the burgers. Just use the bloody grill! Can you tell I'm slightly bemused by my DH?!
Tues - probably jacket potato with cheese and beans, inspired...
Weds - chicken wrapped in Parma ham, garlicky new potatoes
Thurs - steak pie and mash
Fri - haven't decided
Saturday - haven't decided
Sunday - roast chicken.
So I will be looking at this thread for inspiration!

bigkidsdidit Mon 24-Mar-14 17:33:28

Sausages with celeriac mash
Spicy parsnip soup
Chilli with rice
Spanish omelettes with grilled peppers and salad
Broccoli and Stilton soup
Thai chicken curry

I'm in a rut too

HeyMicky Mon 24-Mar-14 17:43:07

Poached chicken and roast veg couscous
Beef and ale pie (filling already made, just needs to be defrosted and a pastry lid added) and beans
Spaghetti bolognaise and salad
Fish pie, broccoli and asparagus

I shop on a Friday so no idea what we'll have his weekend yet

PatsyNesbitt Mon 24-Mar-14 18:41:43

Hi fellow mummies, at what age should I allow my darling little dc eat rodents that she catches in the yard? Also, is it ok to teach your dc to beg for food and perform tricks? I've recently trained my dc to jump through a hoop. She does this in order to get treats. She's also very fluffy which is obviously concerning to a mother.

P.S - did I tell you that DC is a cat?

GingerMaman Mon 24-Mar-14 18:46:03

Bigkids, what's your recipe for Spanish omelette?

I'm so rubbish at meal planning, I need to take inspiration from this thread and be more organised

bigkidsdidit Tue 25-Mar-14 11:20:05

I do this recipe


It's ok! Not as good as my Spanish friend's but she leaves hers cooking for ages and ages. The dc like it, anyway.

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