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OMG I have fallen off the no-sugar wagon and I have never felt so awful

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Technical Thu 20-Mar-14 13:34:25

I gave up processed sugar about 18 months ago. I knew I felt better, more energy, less tired and my skin improved immeasurably. I also lost weight despite making no effort to reduce my food intake, just eat better and no sugar.

I was never obsessive about it, I know there's sugar in all sorts of surprising things but I basically ate savoury foods and tried to avoid processed foods. After the first 10 days I didn't want the sweet stuff anyway.

It was a relative's birthday at the weekend and I submitted to the pressure to have some birthday cake. Since then my addiction is well and truly back, I can't get enough junk down me and all I want to do is sleep.

Confirms my initial decision to give it up was right but now I'm going to have to kick it again sad

PennySillin Thu 20-Mar-14 13:35:49

Wow how interesting. I bought a book the other day about giving up sugar, really thinking about giving it a go.

Catsmamma Thu 20-Mar-14 13:37:32's like crack!

I did low carb once, and am still trying to summon enough gumption to do it again.

rumbelina Thu 20-Mar-14 13:54:14

I've been thinking about trying this as chocolate is like crack for me at the moment. Before I got pregnant I could take or leave biscuits, cake, chocolate. Would have the odd sweet binge if I was hormonal. DS is 3.5 now and the sweet cravings have never left me.

I want to try cold turkey but can you still eat fruit? I would really miss this and I do think it is an important part of your diet.

I also have a sweetener in coffee once a day - would this affect my cold turkey do you think?

Technical Thu 20-Mar-14 14:01:51

I don't know what the "rules" are re fruit rumbelina but I continued eating it (2-3 pieces a day) and still felt huge benefits from giving up the sugar.

I think the "experts" would tell you no, but for me I think it's the refined sugar that does the damage.

rumbelina Thu 20-Mar-14 15:06:24

I've always eaten plenty of fruit, even in my non -crack- chocolate days so I'll probably be ok

rumbelina Thu 20-Mar-14 15:06:35

tsk.... crack

Shimmyshimmy Thu 20-Mar-14 16:43:33

I am the same I'm either sugar free or sugar crazy. It's getting slightly better as shit quality sweet food no longer appeals so much, I taste it and think there's no flavour! My last bar of galaxy with honeycomb bits was particularly disappointing, don't like costa tiffin anymore either and that used to be my biggest down fall. Problem is there's always home baked goods hanging around the house for the dc's lunch and they always taste good, roll on secondary school where having packed lunch isn't cool!

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