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Struggling for meals for my toddler!

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KeepSmiling83 Tue 18-Mar-14 14:55:15

My DD is 2.8 years and goes to nursery in the morning. She usually has a proper meal for lunch before she comes home (shepherds pie, roast, pasta etc). I am struggling to think of what to give her for her tea though. When I went part time I always thought I would cook evening meals and we would eat together but she never seems to want another full meal again.

Any ideas for things I could give her for tea? She sometimes has spaghetti on toast or a sandwich but I'm running out of ideas!

Clutterbugsmum Tue 18-Mar-14 15:07:35

Egg - boiled,poached or scrambled
soup and bread.
crackers, chopped veg and dips

mummy1973 Tue 18-Mar-14 15:24:57

Toast, beans on toast, hotdog, pizza, small baked potato, chicken drumstick, bread sticks and hummus, fruit salad?

sharond101 Tue 18-Mar-14 21:47:18

Toasted cheese
mini quiche
vegetable fritatta
hummus and pitta bread with vegetable crudites
eggy bread
pitta bread or tortilla wrap pizzas
bagel with spreading cheese
homemade nuggets (fish or chicken)

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