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friends for the weekend, chilli and......

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whatareyoueventalkingabout Mon 17-Mar-14 18:58:39

Am going to make chilli But wondering what you serve with yours? Want to make it really exciting.

princessalbert Mon 17-Mar-14 19:00:12

I always serve it with rice.

Not very interesting, sorry.

Brown rice if that makes it better/worse?

onedev Mon 17-Mar-14 19:00:16

I'm afraid mines boring - either rice or potatoes with some side salad!

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 17-Mar-14 19:02:09

Cut a tortilla into triangles drizzle with olive oil salt and pepper and toss.

Bake for 5-10 mins till crispy.

Nacho topping.

Add cheese of Desired and melt

MyNameIsKenAdams Mon 17-Mar-14 19:02:18

I dish mine up, spread nachos over topped with grated cheese and grill til the cheese melts. Squirt guacamole and sour cream on top.

messy but delicious.

Eminybob Mon 17-Mar-14 19:02:41

Try cornbread. It's delicious with chilli

Serve with rice, sour cream, grated cheese, guacamole and chili sauce, heat some flour tortillas and let everyone make burritos!

Best with ice cold beer.

Then dance the salsa/conga

wordfactory Mon 17-Mar-14 19:04:15

Green salad with advocado cut into it.
Nachos - bang in microwave covered in cheese, then sprinkle with chopped sring onion, corriander and dollop with sour cream.

TinyDiamond Mon 17-Mar-14 19:04:32

I'd do rice or even cous cous then a big bowl of salad, garlic bread and homemade guacamole. Grated cheese to sprinkle on top and sour cream. Mmmmmmm

Throughthelongnight Mon 17-Mar-14 19:06:04

Sweet potato chips? I have just discovered that if you coat the chips in corn flour before cooking they have a lovely crispy finish. You can also add paprika to the corn flour for extra zing!

justaweeone Mon 17-Mar-14 19:08:18

Yes to all the additions but you could make the chilli with chicken breast or cubed beef. I add a couple of squares of dark chocolate or teaspoon of coco powder to mine.
Also nice with a homemade sweet corn salsa.

justaweeone Mon 17-Mar-14 19:09:21

Oh sweet potato wedges coated in Cajun spice!!!

BloooCowWonders Mon 17-Mar-14 19:09:50

Serve it piled onto roasted peppers, then cheese and guacamole on top. Sour cream too.

justaweeone Mon 17-Mar-14 19:15:01

Also you could serve with jalapeños ,taco shells and shredded lettuce

Missfrumpsalot Mon 17-Mar-14 19:16:27

Cornbread is fantastic and really easy

whatareyoueventalkingabout Mon 17-Mar-14 19:33:35

these are all really good - do you have the cornbread recipe you use? i WISH for the ice cold beer but am up the duff so no beer for me sadly. Maybe I will have a teeny one but the way I feel at the moment if I have one it will open the floodgates.

anyone got an easy guacamole recipe too?

TheLastNameLeft Mon 17-Mar-14 19:39:01

Doritos, lots of them. Bake in the oven on high heat for about 5 minutes.

kazzawazzawoo Mon 17-Mar-14 19:54:59

Big salad, bowl of sour cream, bowl of grated cheese, potato wedges, garlic bread.

Eminybob Mon 17-Mar-14 20:01:29

The cornbread recipe I use is from an American book called comfort food by Rick Rogers. It's got chilli and cheese in. But I can't find it on line and am on my phone so it's a bit long to type up sorry.

justaweeone Mon 17-Mar-14 20:05:32

Buy some Becks blue beer for yourself.
Stick to that or have a teeny one then switch xx

justaweeone Mon 17-Mar-14 20:09:17

Or make these
Virgin Margarita
• 1 part orange juice
• 1 part lime juice
• 3 parts sour mix
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the ingredients and shake well. Strain into an ice- filled cocktail glass.
To make a long drink, use a highball glass and top up with lemonade.
Sour Mix
• 1 cup caster sugar
• 2 cups water
• 2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
Stir together well. Keeps in the fridge for up to 7 days.

Jamjars22 Mon 17-Mar-14 20:12:44

Cornbread, guacamole, frijoles, salsa, yoghurt, corn, chilli and mint salad

What kind of chilli are we talking? 'Real' chilli?

JuliaScurr Mon 17-Mar-14 20:14:16

are you absolutely sure they all like chilli?
I can't eat it, I choke

whatareyoueventalkingabout Mon 17-Mar-14 21:01:18

VIRGUN MARGARITAS! faints with excitment. Thank you!!!!!

Good point I will check they like it!!!

normally I make from scratch but there was a really exciting looking jar of sauce in waitrose that I bought the other day so I am going to add to that. I can't remember what it's called

Guac - am addicted to the stuff:
diced red onion
crushed garlic
finely chopped red chilli
juice of a lime
lots of chopped coriander
2 mashed avocados

soured cream


grated cheese

shredded lettuce

big pile of tortillas

mango salsa - red onion, red chilli, lime juice, coriander, red pepper, mango

or like the above but with fresh, slightly under-ripe tomatoes instead of mango.

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