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Making a fish pie during the day and re-heating later?

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HowYaLikeThemApples Mon 17-Mar-14 08:28:57

Can anyone help? I want to make the Jamie Oliver fish pie during the day while the kids are at school. It means cooking frozen fish, etc, and making the pie up with mashed potatoe on top. Is it okay to cook it all this morning and assemble, then chill in the fridge and re-heat at 5pm tonight?

Daft question probably but I've always made it and then put it straight in the oven, and as I'm the one who'd be cleaning up the vomit if I made them all ill I'd like to avoid that. Thanks in advance!

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 17-Mar-14 08:37:55

Should be fine. Might take a little longer to heat through than normal if everything is chilled down but you're not going to make anyone ill

Abra1d Mon 17-Mar-14 08:39:27

I cannot see one possible reason why you wouldn't do this. I frequently make fish pies in advance. The key is to make sure that it is piping hot when served.

Catsmamma Mon 17-Mar-14 08:43:21

don't cook the fish

our fish pie is a layer of peas, fish/prawns/eggs on top, thick sauce over the top, mash over

Then into oven (or fridge) till the mash is all crispy and golden

probably wants 30-40 mins and maybe 10-20 more if it is from the fridge.

Cooking the fish first just leads to the house reeking of fish!

HowYaLikeThemApples Mon 17-Mar-14 09:02:36

Ahhh, thanks everyone, I'll go and get cooking!

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