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16 mth gone off fruit - advice please

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EP7 Sun 14-Mar-04 19:38:25

My son until recently ate fresh fruit however now refuses all fruit except in fruity puddings. Thankfully still eats his veggies. Anyone got any good ideas to encourage him to eat fresh fruit again?

Evita Sun 14-Mar-04 20:17:03

Dd's never eaten fruit or vegetables. She's 17 months. I usually hide it in with other things I'm cooking and keep offering it to her 'neat' in case she changes her mind!

mummytojames Sun 14-Mar-04 23:03:11

ep7 if you give her porridge in the morning or weetabix stuff like that mix the fruit into it it sweetens it so he will be more willing to take it if giving him a dessert what we do for our ds 6 months is put the fruit in some natural yoghurt do this for a while because it might be a faze also give him fruit for a snack like a banana or something
hope these work and good luck

collision Sun 14-Mar-04 23:05:43

For some reason my 23 month ds doesnt eat fruit and I dont know why!! I still give him baby jars of fruit so that at least I know he is getting some. I think he is lazy and it is too hard to eat fruit and he would rather have chocolate!!! (As would I)

polly28 Sun 14-Mar-04 23:19:36

have you tried "fruit zingers"? I get them in Waitrose near the bakery section.They are basically dried fruit and a bit of rice flour,come in tube shape each seperately wrapped.My ds 18 mos loves them ,he does love fruit but I'm sure they'll appeal to non fruit lovers cos they look like sweets.

FairyMum Mon 15-Mar-04 07:46:50

You could try making a puree of different sweet fruits and them mixing it with yoghurts. Where do you buy your fruit? I find that if I buy mine in M&S, my kids eat much more.It's more pricey, but worth it because it so much better. You could also try berries? Does he like blueberries, rasperries? It's just as good for them.
I find that these things go in phases. If my DS won't eat fruit for a while, I just wait a couple of weeks and re-introduce it to him.

Clayhead Mon 15-Mar-04 07:58:14

My dd (now 26 months) ate loads of fruit when she was about 9 - 18 months, then she refused most of it completely for several months and is now a fruit fiend again. I have no idea why she did this, I just continued to offer her fruit as always, ate plenty myself and I think she also saw her friends eating lots.

EP7 Mon 15-Mar-04 09:11:58

Thanks all - I have tried mixing fruit in cereals and plain yoghurt however son manages to eat the cereal and spit the fruit out! Perhaps boy will do as Clayhead's dd and he will go back to it eventually. I'll just have to keep trying..Thanks again.

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