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Exciting salads anyone?

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Ardiente Mon 10-Mar-14 16:34:06

I have always loved eating salads and am now that the warmer months are arriving, I am on the look out for exciting but healthy combinations. What are your sources of inspirations (blogs, pinterest etc) for tasty, yummy salads?

TyneTeas Mon 10-Mar-14 20:37:28

This salsa salad is one of my favourites, how spicy you make it is up to you!

JamNan Tue 11-Mar-14 06:49:18

Lots of lovely salad ideas over on the BBC Good Food site. Link here to to loads of exciting salad recipes

I quite fancy the herby quinoa, feta & pomegranate salad.
Yesterday we had mackerel & potato salad with lettuce, gherkins artichoke hearts and a dash of mayo.

I will be trying the Butter bean, grilled courgette, roast red pepper & chorizo salad too.

It's so nice to feel a bit of sun and warmth. Roll on spring.

Ardiente Wed 12-Mar-14 05:14:48

Thanks very much for the links: lots of good ideas in there!

sharond101 Wed 12-Mar-14 22:19:46

i make any boring salad exciting by serving in it a baked tortilla basket.

goodasitgets Sat 15-Mar-14 02:20:31

I have a soft spot for crispy bacon in a salad. Usually with chicken or feta, sometimes goats cheese
Favourite is baby spinach, red onion, cucumber, goats cheese, bacon with balsamic and olive oil

anja1cam Sat 15-Mar-14 20:03:48

I like to put pulses in: chickpeas are nice and this week I used cannellini beans, a chopped red onion, cherry tomatoes and dressed with red wine vinegar and basil, salt and black pepper. Served piled on some lettuce leaves, yum. Inspiration from BBC good food as always.

mrspremise Sat 15-Mar-14 20:17:38

crunchy bits; seeds, nuts or croutons, and herbs - they make so much difference to a salsd (especially mint, yum!)

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 16-Mar-14 16:04:20

My favourites -

diced cucumber and beetroot, red onion, lemon juice, flatleaf parsley - good with feta, or as a side to a quiche

red onion, red pepper, mango, red chilli, lime juice, coriander - brilliant with baked sweet potatoes, or with qaesadillas, especially with soured cream too

fatoush - toasted pitta bread ripped into pieces, cucumber, shredded cos lettuce, red onion, flat leaf parsely, red pepper, lemon juice and a bit of olive oil, sumac

CorusKate Sun 16-Mar-14 16:07:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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